Waiting for Prince !!

“It is time, Myriam. The prince is eager to meet you. “Not as eager as I to meet him.” “Good. Behave as you have learned and all shall be well, God willing. Myriam or Russell, as his family and friends knew him back in England-followed the eunuch out of the harem. His growing breasts jiggled as he padded barefoot through the opulent desert mansion. He tried only to think of the night ahead, but inevitably his mind drifted to how he would come to such an unusual and terrible fate. An idealistic college drop-out, Russell had volunteered with an NGO dedicated to spreading basic human rights to the women of the Middle East. Of course, mostly he joined because the other volunteers were attractive, single girls. After good work in various countries, they were scheduled to fly back to London, but they never made the flight.

One morning before dawn, the entire group was kidnapped from their hotel by gunmen and driven into the desert. There, they learned how their efforts had offended a local prince, who decided the volunteers would join his harem to make amends. Russell had been no exception. In fact, the prince took a particular interest in him. And while the other volunteers were released after a month in captivity, Russell was kept, forced to watch as his body was molded into a stunningly feminine creation. Now, he was going to meet the prince. He knew what would be expected of him. Part of him hoped he’d be sent home after this final humiliation, but another part understood he could never really go back- not after so much had been taken. Perhaps Russell was better off dead, as the UK papers had reported; only Myriam could survive the years ahead. “As-salam alaykum, my prince, Myriam said, bowing as she entered his bedroom. “How may I serve?”

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