Last Living Heir !! – Tg Caption

Here, Lord Reece, is your son, Luke “I have no time for jests, Lady Alwena. I demand to see my bastard. He is my last living heir, and your clan has held him ransom far too long.” As I said, you look upon him.” The girl before them inclined her head in shame as Lord Reece gaped. “I’m sorry, father. I swear by the gods, I tried to escape It’s true. He even murdered two of my nephews during one attempt. That’s how he came to this fate.” By the Gods Lord Reece spun on Lady Alwena. “Witch! What sorcery is this? Reverse it!” No sorcery, my Lord. The wise women of this valley know herbs that help women conceive. I hoped they would calm him but his body took to them like a bird to the sky.

Of course, his escape attempts continue that’s why he’s wearing a corset now. Much harder to climb walls in a woman’s garb Father, please take me away from this place. They want to marry me off to a man!” You paid the ransom, so you may claim your bastard. Though, I’m afraid he won’t be fathering any heirs. There’s naught left under those skirts but a wilted vine. Now, if you’d be willing to marry him to our cousin he’s a catamite, you understand an alliance between our two clans could prove beneficial to us both.” Lord Reece looked at what remained of his bastard son and weighed his options.

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