Cheating Husband’s Punishment !!

Diane did not know what to do, she struggled softly with the large man, but she did not want to provoke him. Maybe she had dressed too sexy, or wore a skirt too short or heels too high. Maybe all the dancing in the bar got him too excited. Her mind reeled at how manly he was. His scent, his large strong hands on her body. Sadly he had ripped her blouse open, buttons gone flying, her black bra exposed to anyone who would look, but who would look with them both in the back room of the bar. His hand around her neck told her not to fight too much, but, she had to. her fish net stocking tops comming into view, her tight black panties exposed as his hand had pulled her skirt up and was slipping his hand into the top of her elastic waist skirt. How could this have happened, it was only a dare, a bet. Diane looked up to see Sharla, her wife walk in and smile.
She raised a camera and started taking photos of what was happening. Diane’s male started kissing and bitting her neck with passion, she could feel his manhood hard and firm pressing into her back as Sharla kept taking photos. Diane looked up pleading for her to tell the man to stop. Diane was Sherla’s cheating husband, and was being taught a lesson. Dave, meet Ramon. He has this thing about girls submitting to men, so, since you and your little bimbo secretary played rape games, time for you to see it from her view. Dave now regretted his wife’s dare to dress up for a hall oween party, and taking those mood enhancing drugs. They had actually let him feel like a girl all night but now, he did not want to feel like a girl, let alone Raomons girl. He tried to scream as Ramons fingers slipped into his panties and found his suprise. Ramons throbbing erection told Diane that Ramon was very happy to meet her….

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