Inside the mind of a Woman !!

I backed myself up against the wall as my pants fell around my ankles. My clothes as it seemed were not made to fit on my now much smaller frame, judging by the way my sweater fit me like a dress.”What the hell did you do to my body!” I shrieked in my new voice throwing my hands between my legs to feel the new strange emptiness.The genie laughed, “What did you expect?” She said, “You wished to know what women think. What a better way to accomplish that than by actually being a woman.” I frowned and felt like screaming. My whole body felt wrong. I felt the shifting Of my new boobs under the course fabric Of my sweater. “Why is my skin SO sensitive?” “It’s all part Of the feminine experience.” The genie giggled, “Don’t worry though sweetheart, this will only last tor two months. After that, you will be returned to your male form.” “Two months!” I exclaimed, “How am I going to live like this for two months! I have a job and friends!” The genie shook her head, “DO you really think that I am going to leave you high and dry?” She asked.Folding her arms, the genie closed her eyes and ripples Of magic radiated from her body before fading away.”There.” She said.”There?” TO the whole world you have always been a woman. When you go home you will find parents who have always called you their daughter and possibly even a boyfriend.” She said playing coy,”You wanted to get inside the head Of women.Well congratulations my dear, you’re in one.”

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