Narcos !!

September 29, 2017 TG Transformation 0

You sure you got it?””Yes, Ramon,” Benny said, dismally.”Tell me again.”My flight for Mexico City leaves at seven thirty. My ride will be at gate […]

Memories !!

September 28, 2017 TG Transformation 0

I was on my way to lunch today when I suddenly ceased up and experienced an attack of confusing emotions I never felt before.I’ve always […]

Reborn !!

September 28, 2017 TG Transformation 0

Randall had never been popular in school, and things had gotten even lonelier in the past few months since his best friend Tim died in […]


September 27, 2017 TG Transformation 0

“No, George I am not regretting taking the pills you had bought for me. Transforming into a woman and becoming a secretary is better than […]