Everybody thought that Tyrone Hirsch was an arrogant fool for taking the bet. The school’s star quarterback took an impossible bet from Ashley Stonewall, the head cheerleader. The bet was simple. If Tyrone aced his midterm paper, he would get a date for prom witch Ashley. Any other grade than 100 and Tyrone would have to go to the prom as a girl, with the assistance of the cheer team. Everybody knew Tyrone wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and thought that he knew this bet was impossible. And why make this bet? He probably would have taken Ashley to prom with or without a bet. Needless to say, he didn’t ace his midterm. Everybody had a good laugh and knew of the bet when Tyrone stepped into the gym with a hot pink frilly prom dress. But they didn’t know anything. Tyrone had secretly planned this with Ashley and the cheer squad. He had always dreamed of being the prom princess and wearing a lovely pink gown. Him being a senior this was his final chance and with the help of Ashley and the cheer team, they made it a reality. Was Tyrone a fool for taking this bet? No. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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He had a bet with his sister, Sophie. After he criticized her appearance, she dared him to try dressing as a girl. She said that if he could dress as a convincing girl for a whole week, she would pay him $350. He thought to himself, this was easy money, he would be a fool not to take on this little bet, so he enlisted. With the help of his best friend Jessica, she helped him with her clothes, make-up, and mannerism, on one condition… A week later, Sophie was impressed and held her end of the bet. He also had to now meet the one condition her friend Jessica had said to him. So with the money he went to the mall and got a makeover in the salon, now with “her” blonde hair and rosy cheeks, wearing Jessica’s clothes “she” posed for Jessica in a fashion shoot for trendy teen girl’s magazine… What are best friends for 😉

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