At 28, I was right on the verge of taking a desk job and giving up on all my musical aspirations… but then the opportunity of a lifetime popped up.

They said I would be a star. They said I would have everything I’ve ever dreamed of. They said nothing about my life would ever be the same again if I just signed the contract. They weren’t wrong about any of it. I guess I should have asked more questions or read the fine print. Immediately after signing, I spent three months undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and learning to be a teenage female pop star. I guess I can’t complain that much! I’m rich, I’m famous, and being a girl isn’t too bad either!

“Kira, you are on in five. Go on and give those 20k fans something to scream about!”


“But Courtney…”

“No more “but Courtney’s”. We have been here a million times before. You wanted this. You have practically begged for me to force you to be a girl for the last five years.”

“But it’s just a fantasy I never wanted you to actually do it.”

“Well I’ve got about 20 photos here that suggest it’s a lot more than “just a fantasy”… Maybe we should go find your sister and ask her if she thinks this looks like reality or just a fantasy!” “Yeah, I didn’t think you’d be very into that idea. Now put on the outfit I set out for you. We’re going to go have that girl’s night out you have always dreamed of… that is, unless you want me to go get that second opinion from your sister.”

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