Josh had been having trouble with his Chemistry grades. Not that he didn’t understand the material. He has talent for the field he’s chosen to pursue. His problem is that his professor, Mrs. Richards, is an outright sex-bomb of a woman! Beautiful. Busty. Curvy. Sensual without trying! So much so that Josh could not concentrate on the subject to save his life – or his grades! Desperation brought Josh to contrive a plan which would ensure his academic progress. By successfully using a spell from his frat president’s tome of arcane wisdom to place his essence into the body of his Chem. Prof., Mrs. Richards, he could alter her records of  his performance in her class and his grades throughout the year to passing.

Taking possession of Mrs. Richard’s body while she was in her office was a bit of choice timing on Josh’s part, but he quickly found that her body’s own ‘chemistry’ had new and different lessons to teach his male, freshman brain. Finding himself suddenly sitting at Mrs. Richard’s desk, in her killer body. Josh knew instantly that her files were the LAST thing he wanted to open! So, with wisps of her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and into the deep cleavage between the large, round breasts of his professor. Josh watched their rise and fall with his breathing as ‘her’ hands began peeling off the silk shirt that hid her globes. His sense of time was lost as it took no time for one of Josh’s new, slim hands to make its way up her skirt and into the panties matching the bra he’d pulled her titties from. “Prof. Richards!” Dean Stevens exclaimed, entering her office to find the woman lost in ‘her’  bliss.




James was in need of some money, and signed himself up for some lab experimentation. He assumed it would be the normal things like testing some shots for vaccinations or seeing if certain medication would work as intended. On the day, he was asked to strip down into his underwear, due to them not wanting the clothes to “get in the way of progress”. He thought nothing of it and stripped down before entering the lab and laying down on the lab table. A moment later, a soft, subtle looking female scientist came to his side, and gave his cheek a soft rub with the side of her fingers before slowly sliding a needle into his arm. He peaked down and saw it contained a strange, yellow substance, and watched as it was injected into his body. At first, there was no reaction, and he thought it meant the substance was still in need of development, but that soon changed. He felt a slight tingling over his skin, beginning lower down his body, and suddenly he felt his legs slimming, and becoming more slender. He thought it was simply a weight loss serum, that was till it made its way to his crotch. A sudden, sucking feeling was felt and as he went to touch where his manhood should have been, there was nothing. No bulge, nothing.

When he slipped a hand inside of his underwear, he gasped. He had gained a womanhood, small and tight. Whilst his mind was distracted, the serum worked fast, turning his butt into a perfect plump booty, and his stomach had slimmed down. Suddenly, a pair of breasts began to form on his chest, small at first, but they soon swelled out and became distinctly noticeable. James went to speak but stopped as he sounded sweet and feminine. The serum then went to his mind, changing how it all worked and how he thought whilst his hair grew at an incredible rate, going from short and well cut to long and flowing. Once the serum was finished, Jasmine panted softly on the table, and the scientist brought over a more suitable outfit for her to wear, a bra for her newly formed breasts and a subtle little pair of hot panties. To begin with, she was reluctant with putting on clothing, just wanting to fuck and pleasure everything in sight. Clearly, there would be issues to fix in the sex change serum, but for now, they’d have many uses for little Jasmine, and her newly found seductive nature.

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