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My so called best friend Tod used a magic spell to alter reality and change me into a girl. Now only me and Tod remember that I used to be Gary, as far as everyone else is concerned I’ve always been Naomi and we’ve been dating for two years.As if that wasn’t bad enough he insists I wear this stupid t-shirt. I mean of course I love him, I’m guessing the spell didn’t leave me much choice in the matter but do I have to advertise the fact every weekend? I bet hell make me wear an “l love my Husband” t-shirt once we’re married!

“Hey boss, another Mk 7 femmebot has seized up in the High Street.””Not again, who is it this time?””Antoinette Dubois, sheesh they do get a bit theatrical don’t they? The brain belonged to a George Smith.Ok arrange for maintenance to bring it in and the guys can fiddle about with it,see if they can’t get the shell going again.I don’t want to have to pay for a new body for George.” “Just one thing boss, you know that the guys tend to get a bit carried away with their fiddling when they get a femmebot in. Do we need to tell them not to?” “No, it’s a perk of the job, and no femmebot’s ever complained…actually isn’t this the third time the Antoinette Dubois shell has been in for repair? Make them double check for sabotage, could be old George likes their fiddling a bit too much…

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