2 New Forced Feminisation Captions !!


You can’t seriously expect me to wear these?” Arthur protested as he stood before his wife wearing the frilly light blue lingerie. He felt ridiculous in them.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to,” Vicky replied trying not to laugh at him. “There just aren’t any of your boxers in the clean laundry at the moment. They look like they fit you just fine. Are they comfortable?”
“I don’t care how they look, I can’t go to work like this!” “Of course you can. Are they comfy?”
“Well, I suppose they are okay.”
“Nice and soft and smooth?”
“Yes.” Arthur didn’t like to admit it but the lingerie felt very fine indeed. He would never tell Vicky that.
“That’s settled then. Get dressed or you’ll be late for work.”
Later on Vicky smiled to herself as she watched Arthur leaving for work. She had been careful not to wash any of his underwear for two weeks. Now she had him in lingerie once it would always be lingerie in the future. She was never going to let him be the man about the house ever again.


Sam glared, “I hate you for what you’ve done to me.” He leaned forward with a wolfish grin “Why, Sabrina? Because I took you in off the streets? Or because I gave you everything a girl could want?” “That’s not my name, asshole. And you know what I’m fucking talking about. These tits, this this body “I don’t like hearing dirty words come out of your pretty mouth. “Go fuck yourself.” “No, honey.” He stood and walked to the bedside. “That’s what I made you for.

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