1970s Girl !!

Joseph Lee was a teenager obsessed with the 1970’s. He believed himself to have been born into the wrong decade. He liked the music, he liked the clothes, he liked the girls. He really, really, liked the girls. He used to collect forty year old magazines just to look at the cute 70’s girls. His friends thought he was a weirdo, because instead of being interested in the sexy actresses and musicians of today, he wanted to look at these ancient sun bleached photographs of girls wearing mom jeans. Sure, they were young when the photos were taken, but now they’d be older than their moms. But Joe didn’t mind. He kept on collecting all the old pictures he could get his hand on. His room at home was covered with posters, dusty and worn from age, that he had found from various collectors online. In fact, with the exception of his PC, his room could have looked like any other teenager’s from back in the 70’s. He even had an old record player for his LP albums lying all over the floor. He listened to Yes, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and whatever other group that made it big during the decade. No modern crap. Joe was all about the romanticised view of the rock band and their hordes of groupies. He especially liked thinking about the groupies. Joe joined a forum online about 70’s rock music.

He began chatting with lots of different people who were a little older, but others were far older. Some of them were actual alive during that mythical decade they all spoke of with such reverence. Joe was fascinated to hear their firsthand accounts of going to concerts and listening to famous radio interviews with rock stars and hearing about their scandalous behaviour. Every day, Joe logged in on his account named Joelee99. To his surprise, he learned that the other users on the site thought he was a girl named Jolie. They thought that ‘Joelee was just some unique spelling of the girls’ name and for whatever reason, Joe didn’t feel like correcting them. He actually noticed that he could get closer with some of the guys by playing along. If he pretended to be a girl,they would be nicer to him, and fewer of them would mind it if he asked too many questions. Jolie’ liked asking questions. Jolie began chatting with this one guy, Richie, who despite having been just a kid in the 70’s, seemed to have the most excellent encyclopedic knowledge of rock music from that decade. Jolie shared his taste in music, too. They both really loved the fifth album by Led Zeppelin called ‘Houses of the Holy. ‘Jolie, without even realising it, let slip out that she really thought Robert Plant was hot. That struck Joe’ as weird, but he had to admit that Robert Plant did have a kind of androgynous beauty back in the day that could appeal to both men and women. But his ‘Jolie alter-ego was growing stronger with each day chatting with Richie. Jolie’s mind wondered.

She had no musical talent, and she couldn’t sing, and she certainly couldn’t picture herself being comfortable on stage. If she had to be something, then she would be a groupie.It was strange to her, at first, that she didn’t consider being a roadie before being a groupie. But to be a roadie you have to lots of work, and the groupies are the ones that gets to admire the rock stars. They get to touch them. Jolie imagined touching a rock n’ roll god like Robert Plant. Jolie rubbed her thighs together at the thought of having him on top of her. When Richie told Jolie that he had a band that played 70’s rock n’ roll heavily inspired by Led Zeppelin, Jolie got intrigued. She had begun collecting some vintage clothing and she actually wanted the excuse to show them off. Sure, she’d have to dress up like a girl, and maybe as Joe’ she shouldn’t want to do that, but at this point Jolie was living a far more interesting life than boring Joe. Jolie said she’d love to go and watch them play as they came to her hometown in their North American tour. As she put on her favourite pair of mom jeans, she let her hair free and put on a pair of silly round glasses. Her own heart beat fast to the music in hear veins. She was ready to become a groupie.

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