It was the moment Sammy had been dreading all his young life. He had seen his older brothers go through the period in their lives before him, and one by one they all became changed after a single day. The no longer dress the same, they no longer walk the same, and they no longer look the same older brothers that Sammy had revered his entire life. Now he was afraid of them, afraid of what they had become, and afraid of what he knew would become on his eighteenth birthday. It all started when his father had died at a very young age. Sammy was too young to remember him, but all his brothers said that their mother took it very hard. That she was a little different after then-crazy, some might say. She started talking to herself, muttering about all she had to do in a household full of boys, and bemoaning the fact that she didn’t have any daughters. Until one day, she decided to do something about it. On the 18th birthday of Sammy’s oldest brother Ricky, his mother grabbed her eldest boy and threw him into a dress, hosting a “quinceanera” party for her new daughter. She made him act and dress like a girl named “Rosie” from then on, but she wasn’t done there.

Two years later, the second oldest boy, Joesph, was publicly displayed at his “quinciniera” as “Josephine,” and was too ashamed of the humiliation to turn back. Three years ago, Sammy’s last brother faced the inevitable transformation and public shaming, and soon he was the only male in a house full on mincing and swishing former boys and their mad mother. So now Sammy sits, scared as he has ever been, waiting timidly behind the scenes at his very own “quinciniera”. He knows that with his hair done up, his red lips, and his tiny boyish breasts mashed upwards by a restrictive red dress, no one would ever guess who he really was that is until his mother calls out his name to all his friends and family and claims that he always wanted to be a girl just like his “sisters”. And at that point, there will be no choice but to live his life as “Samantha”. Fighting back tears, Sammy hears his mother call and slowly minces towards the party.

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