Oh Samantha, this is going perfectly! I told you this was going to be fun!”

“Shut up Kim! And stop calling me Samantha! It’s bad enough that I have to pose in these pictures with you.”

Hey quit complaining, a deals a deal! I bet you that if you couldn’t get a date to prom then you’ll have to go with me and my girlfriends and be one of the girls, and since you couldn’t find a date to go with, you are now my cute friend Samantha!

“Fine, you win this one. But I still can’t get use to this short frilly dress, I feel so exposed! Plus these shoes are tricky to walk in.

You’ll get use to it soon, plus you look pretty and really cute and our dresses match each other!

“What I don’t get is that why did we need to go to the salon and get me permanent long hair extensions, and why did you make me lose 30lbs! How am I ever going to look like the old me again?”

Don’t worry about that, sweetie. Girls have way more fun! So now you can have slumber parties with the rest of the girls over the next couple of months as Samantha!”

“Wait… WHAT!!!

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