Dave didn’t like his new prison uniform. Dave was a petty criminal serving a short sentence in the local prison. The facility was overcrowded so the authorities decided to move some low-risk prisoners to the local woman’s prison. When Dave was selected for transfer he was delighted. What could be better than being locked up with hundreds of women? Now he wasn’t so sure. Dave sat on his bed shivering with fear. From the moment he had arrived at the prison he had been ordered from one place to another by surly female prison guards. Then the governess explained that since he would now be in a woman’s prison he would have to fit in with the other inmates and that meant total feminization.

When he agreed Dave didn’t realize that his forced feminization would mean being turned into eye-candy for women prisoners and any other ‘leisure activities’ they demanded. Dave was dressed in a mini-dress with black stockings and high leather boots. His face was made-up with eyelashes and lipstick and a black wig had been stuck to his shaved head. They even gave him a small purse with some spare make-up so that he could ‘freshen up’ as the day wore on. As he stood in the holding area he could hear the wolf-whistles and howls of hundreds of women as another male inmate was led into the main prison in his feminine attire. Dave was terrified but then the bolt on his cell slammed back and the door swung open. Three large female guards stood in the entrance laughing at him. One of them came over and patted his cheek. “All right Sugar,” she said, “it’s your turn next…”

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