Great catch! Sorry about that. I had no idea the ball would be kicked all the way out here to where you cheerleaders are practicing.

Don’t talk to me, you jerk! I haven’t forgiven you for what you did to me.

I said I was sorry. I was just playing a prank. That’s what brothers do- play pranks on their little brothers. How could I know what would happen?

Do you call changing my registration form to say I’m a girl when we transferred to this school a prank? You call signing me up for the cheerleader team behind my back a prank? Thanks to you, I have to come to school in a cheerleader uniform now!

I know I made a mistake, Mark. I just thought it would be funny because you do look like a girl. If it makes you feel any better, there’s nothing wrong with coming to class in a cheerleader uniform… All the girls on the cheerleader team go to class in their uniforms.

That’s not the point! Mom and dad actually like the idea of having a daughter now. This is your fault. What are you going to do about this?

I wanted to talk to you about that. I have some great news.

Finally! Were you able to get the transfer records corrected and I can be a boy again?

Well, no. All the transfer records went to the state so they’re official

Hmmph. Were you at least able to get me off the cheerleader team?

I’m sorry I can’t. You had to do extracurricular activities here so it was either cheerleading or gymnastics, and I know you’d murder me if you had to wear a leotard.

Then what exactly is the great news?

The captain of my football team wants to ask you out on a date.

Are you crazy?!? How on Earth is that great news?

He had the courage to come out and admit he was bisexual and has a crush on you, and the whole school is supportive of him. Isn’t it great news that we have such a progressive school here?

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