Brian had become quite proud of his manly looks. He was the kind of guy who shows off his well built body, going to the gym everyday and working out on his arms and muscles, showing off his abs to the ladies. A man with a big ego. But he had been completely unaware that his girlfriend was sick of his attitude until today

“Gee Brian, why don’t you give the whole thing a rest already Nobody cares about your stupid body!”

“Just because your body doesn’t look too good for a woman!”


“Come on you know it’s true, your boobs could be a little bigger!”

“You jerk!”

“Hey! You should be thankful that you are with a guy like me! With a body like mine I could get any girl I want! And face it, with your looks you CANT get any guy you want!”

“I cannot believe you!” And she stormed off in a huff. His girlfriend, Stacy, decided to get revenge for his little comment. ]”That bastard needs teaching a lesson!” And so with the help of her good friend who happens to be a surgeon, she hatched a brilliant plan.

Brian was knocked out and brought to the back off the van where he was taken to an unknown location before being brought back to his own house with a few adjustments. The next morning he woke up with great confusion.

“What the fuck has happened to me?” He stood up with struggle from the weight of his new double d breast weighing him down

Aww your up! How are you?

“Why the fuck do I have breast?”

Wow they sure are big and juicy! I’m sure you can get any guy with a pair of those joyous balloons.”

“You did this to me!”

“That’s right! And you’ll also notice the rest of your body has been changed! Say goodbye to your hard abs and muscles, and say hello to soft, hairless skin and a hour glass figure.”

“Y… you bitch! Where’s my… my manhood?”

Oh that’s long gone! But don’t worry we are not finished with you yet! Tomorrow you get a hair transplant! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Long black, soft hair swaying past your neck “

“Change me back!”

“Sorry but I don’t think that can be done! But come on, you have a body to be proud of! I’m sure you can get any man now!”

Brian’s eyes watered up as he struggled to hold back his tears. This was all very upsetting for him

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