I can’t believe you talked me into this, Ian complained, as he sat in his sister’s room. “My life is ruined.”
Don’t exaggerate,” his sister, Evelyn, replied. “This is hard, but at least you’re alive. Dozens of women got cancer because of the leak. You just turned into a blonde bombshell. Boo-friggin-hoo!
Three years ago, Ian was a typical young man with dreams of leaving the small town of Big Fork, North Dakota. The town consisted solely of the main street, an elementary school, and BioTechnica, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant up the river. Almost the entire town worked there, and Ian had vowed to get out before he joined them for a life of what was basically indentured servitude.
This makeover is good for you! You couldn’t find a job pretending to still be a man- I am still a man. Yeah, okay, technically. But you look like a girl. And so what? BioTechnica is footing the bill for your entire college education, not to mention the lump sum they gave you so you wouldn’t sue.
No amount of money can make up for them ripping my life away. I had plans Evelyn.

“Plans you can’t accomplish with a pair of marvelous breasts? Geez, I didn’t realize my little brother was such a misogynist. Ian sniffed. He was more emotional these days, too. “It’s not the same. At first, the changes had been barely noticeable; he was just a little plumper in some places. Ian had figured it was because he wasn’t eating right. But as the months wore on, his condition continued to worsen: He didn’t need to shave much, his skin was feeling more sensitive, and his chest was growing flabbier by the week. Soon, he found out it wasn’t just him, it was happening to his friends too! After that, it didn’t take long for the government to step in, but the damage had already been done. They discovered that a new drug had been leaking into the water supply for two years. The disruption to Ian’s endocrine system was devastating; tests showed his body was now converting testosterone into estrogen. As time wore on, he’d continue to grow more womanly. He couldn’t even take hormone shots to counteract the effect because it would just end up making him more feminine! His friends were just as bad off. Big Fork had an entire generation of boys who looked better in bras than their former girlfriends! Evelyn sighed and stroked his hair. “You’ll get past this, little brother. You can’t be the man you planned to become, but you can be a girl. I’m proud to call my sister.

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