My Boyfriend is now my Girlfriend!!

It had been a week since Jill had sent her boyfriend Stan away for a two-week course titled ‘Appreciating The Feminine’. She was fed up with his chauvinism and threatened to dump him if he didn’t attend. Now she was beginning to worry because she hadn’t heard from him at all and she was wondering how he was getting on. Then the phone rang. Jill answered it but was disappointed to hear a girl’s voice on the other end… “Jill?” the girl asked.”Yes, who is this?” Jill replied. “It’s me, Stan! I’m sorry I didn’t call before but I’ve just been so busy with everything. I have been learning so much and we have to run from one lesson to the next and there is barely time to fix our make up…” “Your make up? Stan, what’s going on, why are talking in that voice?” “Yes makeup. Oh Jill, it’s been wonderful. I’ve been in touch with my feminine side for the first time and now I can’t get enough of it. This voice is the real inner me and I’m having so much fun. I’ve learned how to shave my legs and polish my toenails and we have been learning all about fashion,

I never realized how much fun it is to get dressed when you are wearing a skirt and then there is my hair to take care of…” “Wearing a skirt? What do you mean you are wearing a skirt?” Jill asked in a panic. “Oh, I’m not wearing a skirt, silly,” Stan giggled. “That’s a relief,” Jill said. “I’m wearing a bright pink summer dress today!” Stan said triumphantly. “I chose it because it matches my panties.” “Your panties! Are you wearing panties too?” Jill couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What had they done to Stan? “Of course I am! We are only allowed to wear girl’s clothes here but that is okay they have things in my size and the panties fit perfectly. Jill, we simply must go shopping when I get back I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe. It will be so much fun to shop together, don’t you agree?” Jill thought about it. She was shocked at the change in her boyfriend but if he was willing to go shopping with her it couldn’t be all bad. Perhaps having a feminized boyfriend would be fun. Stan sounded like an excited teenage girl but he seemed very sincere in wanting to be a new woman. If this was what he was like after just one week of the course she couldn’t imagine how he would be at the end of the two weeks. “Of course we’ll go shopping Sweetie,” Jill said. “But only if you are a good girl…”

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