“Oh, my God! It really is them,” Teddy said. “I can’t let them see me like this. I’d be humiliated!

I wonder, at times, whether or not what I do is wrong. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with my profession. There will always be people in this world with certain kinks they are not comfortable being open about. Approaching mistresses, such as me, might well be their only relief. I have clients from every walk of life, but what they all have in common is their absolute trust in me. I have been guilty of abusing that trust. Poor little Teddy. He lives two very different lives: one as the law student Theodore, and the other as my little submissive girl. The pressure of keeping his submissive side hidden led him to contact me, and considering the monetary benefits of having an aspiring lawyer in my pocket, I agreed to take him in. There is nothing as pleasing as seeing a blushing rich boy discreetly handing me an envelope full of cash. All to keep me satisfied. Little Teddy was willing to spend a significant chunk of his earnings simply to keep our relationship a secret. How could Theodore make an imposing lawyer man if his rivals knew that he relied on a domineering mistress to give him the sexual thrills he needed?

“They can’t see my face,” Teddy said.

No, it was never part of Teddy’s fantasies to dress-up. I’m responsible for that bit, but to be fair, he did find the humiliation supremely erotic, at first. Then I started making demands. It wasn’t enough that he was a boy in drag. A proper young girl Teddy had to learn the basics in make-up and fashion, or else clear. Today is a special day. For Teddy, today is his chance to make it or break it. I’ve previously managed to make him be my girl in public but this is an appropriate step up. Not only did he have to make sure his get-up looked genuinely girly enough, he also shows up at a location of my choosing. No terrible place, mind you. It is a perfectly nice café near where I live. All I am asking him to do is sit down order something to drink, and wait for me to come. Simple.

How can they even be here?” Teddy said. “This is not their part of town.

Teddy could not have seen this remarkable coincidence happening. A whole pack of his fellow students showed up at the café and sat down by a table just next to him. They didn’t recognize their poor friend sitting alone. Luckily for him someone had left a newspaper behind. As much as I would like Teddy’s friends to see what I had made of him, I figured this was a good opportunity to rescue him I have been thinking about upping my pay lately, and I don’t think Teddy is feeling particularly stingy at the moment.

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