Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Old Photographs !!

"I found this in the attic," my wife said holding an old shoe box. "It says photographs on it.I thought you said that you had no photographs from when you were younger. "Oh, I forgot about that box. You haven't opened it, have you?" I asked, not hiding my nervousness very well. "Oh, don't I have the permission to see photographs of you as a child?" my wife playfully teased. "I know that you were a nerd, but they can't all be that embarrassing." I winced as my wife stuck her manicured fingernail underneath the tape. She mistook my grimaces for playing along. I did not want her seeing these truly embarrassing pictures. I don't know why i had even labelled the box ,I should've burnt it ."Who's this girl?" my wife asked pointing at the very first photograph. "Looks like you. A cousin or someone like that?" "Umm, not exactly. I said staring at the floor. "Look, it's complicated. "The whole box is filled with images of this girl," my wife interrupted. "You don't have any sisters. Really, who is she?" "It's me," I reluctantly said. My wife stared at me. Then she stared at the pictures in the box. She counted the number of photographs. Her mouth slowly went agape. "You look absolutely adorable!" she finally exclaimed. "It was my mother's idea, initially. But then I started earning money. I was young and the money seemed like a fortune to me at the time," I said with my face furiously blushing. "I suppose I was something of a model." "Not just something' of a model, honey. I should show our daughter these pictures. She's obsessed with fashion my wife insisted. "You know, few teenage boys would be brave enough to do this. "I was twenty-six," I said.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sexist Husband !!

My husband, a pretentious brat half my age, thinks he's got life figured out. He's a chauvinist conservative who thinks women should be seen not heard. His big fetish is mature women, which is why he chose to make me his wife. According to him, older women are much more appreciative of their femininity and not as hysterical as others. He justifies his misogyny that way, through vague attempts at being cultured and academic. Ah, he drives me mad and lt pains me to reveal that I once used to be his teacher and, though few would believe it, a man. We used to get into long and heated arguments about the role of women in society. I lectured on feminism and gender equality and refused to recognise his backwards thinking. He argued that the natural divide that exists between the feminine and the masculine must not be broken. Our society relies on this, and it was men that evolved to make decisions. It was damn frustrating seeing a young man hold these views, and while he did fine in class, I said that I would fail him unless he changed his tune. was out of line, that I will admit, but I could not have foreseen his his next move. My future husband had done some sleuthing and found out about a string of inappropriate relations Ihad had with some of my young female students. I couldn't believe that the creep was actually about to blackmail me but I could not allow him to expose the truth about my actions at the school.
The repercussions would be dire Turns out that I had no idea how far he was willing to go to prove a point. He began explaining that not every man was born to be masculine. Some men, he reasoned, must be allowed a chance to remake themselves. "You'll see what I am saying soon enough," I remember him saying. We are celebrating our two year anniversary today. Here I am, in our bedroom, trying on the lingerie he got me as a gift. He is sitting in his armchair staring at me whilst nursing a scotch. He has undoubtedly got his dream to come true. His hated teacher made into the figure of femininity he has always admired. I have been forced to admit that I was never a real man. I should've been put on female hormones when I turned fifteen, but instead I was allowed to grow into a crooked man. My hidden shame (referring to my tiny penis, obviously) led me to make all the wrong decisions. Why don't you come over here and sit down on my lap," he says as he pours the rest of the drink down his throat. "We shall not be late to our dinner reservation, but I think we have time for some fun." I always knew that he was bigger than me. Even back when I was his teacher he towered over me. But I never thought he deserved my respect. With age came wisdom, I thought. But now, being his woman and sitting on his lap I feel so small. If you see us on the street you'd think I was lucky to have such a virile young man to look after me. His hands caressing my damn breasts always brings out a side of me l'd rather keep shut. But he knows how to make me moan as he manhandles me. Oh, I always forget just how strong you are," I say. "All right then, big boy, make me your woman."

Wanted to look like Hugh Jackman,But ended up looking like a lingerie model !!

Yeah, I can't say that I don't feel sorry for the guy. Mikey hasn't got many people he can trust, and I think I'm the only one he can come close to calling a friend. Not that I am a very good one. I don't think I am responsible for what happened to him, but maybe I should've intervened at some point. Then again, he was the one taking the pills. If you're stupid enough to munch down pills you don't know anything about, then you're not exactly blameless. So, Mikey's not a very big dude. In fact, I doubt he's an inch taller than five foot three. He never seems to gain any weight and he is less muscular than most of the girls around town. I know that he's weaker than most of them, as he was once made to arm wrestle with a bunch of cheerleaders and lost spectacularly. Sure, he tried to act as if it didn't bother him, but it did. That's why we'd see him down at the gym like almost every day. A lost cause if there ever was one. I don't know exactly how Mikey ended up with those pills. Likely some bully pretending to be his friend. Our town has plenty of creeps sick enough to play this kind of a joke. Mikey told me that with these pills he would become big. This's the stuff that Hollywood actors use when they need to buff up.
Well, maybe that's true for Hollywood starlets, come to think about it. Hugh Jackman probably wouldn't take pills chock-full of estrogen for the next Wolverine flick Sure enough, Mikey did start noticing changes that weren't exactly what he had in mind. He became softer and began developing curves where he'd previously been flat. At this point he'd thrown away the pills, but that didn't make the changes go away. I know about that because throughout this mess I was the only person Mikey trusted to talk with. He was perpetually embarrassed around others, especially the guys, but he nevertheless gave me detailed descriptions of how his nipples were becoming more sensitive and how his had grown too big for his boxers. As he wore baggy clothes I told him that I didn't notice any major changes, to which he sighed and reluctantly promised that he would send me some pictures once he got back home This is where I am definitively in the wrong. I jacked off to those pictures. Yeah, I know what that says about me, but I am sure you would do too. Turns out that underneath that oversized sweater was the kind of figure most lingerie models would kill for. Just the perfect pair of tits. I kept imagining Mikey in my girlfriend's old clothes. She had dumped me, but left a box of her stuff in my apartment. They looked about the right size, not that I know anything about women's clothes. I'm sure Mikey knows less than me, he's definitively a virgin, but maybe I should teach him. Look, I didn't put him in this situation, but I might as well help him make the best out of it. Though, I suppose there's no point in pretending. He'll be better off being my girl. Those tits, man.

Different kind of Friendship !!

I don't expect you, or anyone really, to understand what my friendship with Ethan is actually like. It is easy judge us before you realise what we've done for each other. I, especially, may come across as a sissy or whatever. I certainly look the part and as I know the taste of his body, I suppose that I act the part. But it didn't come about like that. I didn’t become his roommate because he was looking for some girly boy to make into his girlfriend. Just let me explain It's true that I have often, even before agreeing to do it for Ethan's sake, dressed as a girl. It's not because of some secret desire or anything. It just happens to be the case that I look good dressed as a woman. I'd like to think that I look good as a man, too. Perhaps a little androgynous, but there're girls who are into that. Indeed, l've had girlfriends in the past who were into me wearing their clothes or make-up. We'd role play, too. Typically I'd pretend to be an old friend from High School with a hidden (or rather tucked) secret that I never told them about. It wasn't something that I would brag about to my other male friends, but they w impressed enough with how beautiful my girlfriends always were. I often heard how they're out of my league and so on.
We maybe there's some truth to that. Over the years I may have assembled something of a girl's wardrobe. Some of the clothes have been left behind by former girlfriends, others have been well-meaning gifts from guys who assumed that the crossdressing was a genuine hobby of mine. I could never bear throwing anything away. And the house I share with Ethan's large enough for me to take up a closet. Really, it's no big deal. It's not a crime to have two different wardrobes, now is it? I understand that this only explains why l am dressed like this, not why I am kissing him. It's because he pays me. Oh, no, that doesn't sound good at all. It's not if I am doing this simply for cash. Sometimes we agree that if he cleans the kitchen, I will pretend to be his girl for a few hours. He isn't bothered by the fact that I am really a man, and I find it too convenient to stop. When you're a small guy, such as myself, then it's handy to have someone bigger than you doing the chores around the house. can't remember what the blowjob was for, but trust me, he had to pay for it. We're living in a different world. I am not going to act as if I am less of a man just because i have swallowed another man's load. Yes, I did do that once, but in exchange Ethan had to wash the dishes for a whole week.Imagine that, if we didn't have this arrangement going, we would've stopped being roommates a long time ago. Let's be honest, roommates stops being practical once you reach a certain age. But we've made it work. With the comfort of my life the way it is now, I don’t think I'd be better off on my own. Sure, it has gotten quite difficult for either one of us to go out dating. Ethan's often too tired and I, well, looking the way do now lesbianism wouldn't just be some fun roleplaying. But I'll get around to it, eventually. Imagine that when Ethan finds some girl and moves out, I'll begin to throw out all these clothes. Actually, on that note, Ethan has begun buying me some clothes recently. I made fun of him for it, but it was quite sweet, really. Well, not sweet in that way. Sweet in a cool way. Y know, bros gotta look after each other. And that necklace he got for me? I wasn't supposed to know, but it's hella expensive. Sure, our friendship can look a little funny to an outsider, but that's all friendships. I don’t know what I'd do without him. Hah, that sounded gay, or what?

Monday, 16 October 2017

Jobless Husband to Girlfriend !!

Carole really needed that promotion and needed all the help she could get. James was unemployed and cold not find work and they needed to get that promotion for Carole. They talked every night of the week when Carole came up and said she wished she had a girlfriend to help seduce the vp of sales and make him happy. He was always talking to her about how women dressed and acted when they were out. Carole’s face lit up. James was not a tall macho man, why not see. That night when she got home she suggested that he help her seduce the VP to get the promotion. The next 2 weeks were focused on body and him learning about how to act. Tests with make up and wigs finally got the 2 down to where she felt he could pull it off. She focused on the dress and lingerie and heels now. She had a friend who did off the books minor surgery and had her come in and give Dave some very nice breasts. She giggled as she watched her husband turn into a busty girl. He already had a shapely ass so it would be perfect. She set the date for 2 weeks and she talked to him about a name. They came up with Jasmine and they went to school together which they actually did. She tried on several dresses and finally picked out a very tight back button dress that hugged every little curve. She decided she needed to get Jasmine into a corset to enhance the curves. Jasmine giggled as they got ready for the date. Her D cup breasts wiggled so nicely as they got ready.
It took Carole about 20 minutes to get Jasmine’s dress on. The stockings and heels just enticed the body sweetly. Carole dressed in blue which set off her hair, Jasmine with her platinum hair turned out to be the one that Andy would be attracted to. Carole watched all night as she fended off his hands but with a nod and a smile, Jasmine knew she had to do more than just flirt. Carole said she was not feeling well and excused herself to go to the bedroom. She heard the front door close 30 minutes later but Jasmine was not there. She worried until she heard the door open again. She rushed down stairs to find a pretty girl with her make up smeared and dress barely held on by just a few buttons. Jasmine looked up and blushed. Carole smiled. Jasmine went on to tell her that they went to dinner and drinking and that on Monday she would have the promotion. Carole hugged her boyfriend and thanked him for doing this for her. Jasmine blushed again and stammered that Andy wanted to take her out tomorrow too and that he had found her little surprise and was so turned on, he asked her if she had a boyfriend. When she said no, he said you do now,will see you tomorrow night. I have a special question to ask you. He then kissed her, fondled her round ass and walked her to the door with a kiss. What to do now?

Faking your own Death !!

You never know how far you will go to stay alive. Diane and Sharla had been working for the underground for years and finally needed to get out. Sharla played the grieving widow very well The death of her husband Dave was tragic. Car crash, huge fire, nothing left in the car but ashes. Being at the bottom of a very long cliff, the police just wrote it off and filed the all of the proper papers. The money Dave had taken was presumed to be burned in the fire since they found a suitcase burned with just a few remnants of paper money that was thrown from the car. Sharla was off the hook. The only problem was how could they be together.
Sharla's college room mate came to comfort her during the troubles and did look very stunning in the low cut black dress Every usher watched and lusted after the busty, long legged woman in the black hat. Little did anyone know that the busty woman was in deed Dave and that now Diane and Sharla would be moving to a new city. The problem now was that Sharla had accepted dates for them both from 2 of the ushers. This was going to be a long 2 weeks for them both. It seems Diane would now find out all about mens needs and women’s desires Maybe it would all work out, after all 2 single girls.

Charity !!

Frank stared at his wife in disbelief."You did what?" he demanded."I accidentally gave away all of you underwear," Sally answered as she buttered a piece of toast.
"How on earth, can anyone, possibly do that?"
"I told you I wanted to give away some of our old clothes to charity and I must have mixed up the laundry bag with the ones I gave away. It will be all right, you can borrow some of mine.""All right? You think that is all right?"It was getting later all the time and Frank needed to go to work. He had no underwear to put on and he didn't want to be late. He was infuriated with Sally's indifference to the problem but he didn't have time argue it now. He made a snap decision."Okay, see what you can find for me today, you'll just have to buy me some more later on," he said.If Frank thought that Sally would lend him a pair of plain white panties he was in for a shock. She offered him some bright flowery panties that screamed 'girly' and couldn't be more feminine."You must be kidding," he said. "Haven't you got anything a bit less, well, feminine?"

"Don't be silly now Frank," Sally said. "It's only a pair of panties. Now put them on or you'll be late for work."
Frank was in too much of a hurry to argue. He pulled on the panties and tried to ignore Sally's smirks at how well they fit. She even managed to pat his bottom as he was pulling on his pants."Nice and comfy are they?" she giggled.Frank just sighed and quickly left for work. To his irritation Sally kept sending him text messages asking him how he felt in panties. He was even more irritated to discover when he got home that she hadn't bothered buying him any new underwear and he would have to borrow another pair the next day. Of course Sally knew it was unbelievable that she gave away all his underwear, but it was too late for him to argue the point now. She had put him in panties once and that was all it took. The rest would be easy...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

From Husband to Personal Maid !!

As the plate crashed to the floor Alex looked over in panic at his wife. She had succeeded in blackmailing him into becoming her personal maid but there didn't seem to be anything she could do about his butter fingers."Which plate was that?" she demanded giving him a stern look.
"One of the white ones, Ma'am," he replied. As humiliating as it was to be dressed in a frilly maid's uniform and wait on his wife it was the demand that he call her 'ma'am' that he found most embarrassing."That's the second one this week, isn't it?" Karen said. "You are such a sissy fingers aren't you?"
"Yes Ma'am."
"Clear it up quickly and do try to be more careful. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if you are any good at all, even as a maid. Perhaps I should just keep you as an errand-girl. Would you prefer that? I could send you out to the shops in a little skirt and heels."

Alex panicked at the thought of being seen in public dressed as woman. It was bad enough that he had to do it at home.No Ma'am," he said and quickly got down on his knees to clear the mess up. He could feel Karen's eyes on him the whole time watching his every move and he was sure he could see her smirking."I think you need to be reminded how to be more careful in your work," she said.Alex felt his heart sink. There was only one thing worse then calling his wife 'Ma'am'. Karen said it before he could even think it."After dinner, I going to put you over my knee for a good spanking..."

Women Only Night !!

The music was pumping as Steven stepped onto the stage and took hold of the pole. The crowd of women roared with pleasure and Steven began to dance, sliding expertly up and down the pole. With each move he drew more enthusiasm from the women, although he would never know how popular he was. Dressed in a sexy bra and panties, thigh-high stockings and heels he looked as good a pole-dancer could be and the ladies loved him.From the wings the manageres of club watched Steven perform with satisfaction. Drugging some of her male customers and then hypnotizing them to be transvestite pole-dancers for her weekly 'Women Only' night was the best idea she ever had.The place was packed.The men were so deeply hypnotized then never knew anything about there performances at the club. They would just be sent home and wake up the following morning a little tired, but no worse for wear.There was always a good supply of men to feminize. Perhaps it was time to make women's night a bi-weekly event...

A husband will do anything to save a marriage !!

This is the dumbest thing his wife had ever come up with. Yeah I know, its my fault for picking up that teenaged hitchhiker, and letting her talk me into having sex with her, but this is really not fair. The girl was 16, and she knew what she wanted and she was really hot. When my wife found out, she blew a gasket. Throwing things, really yelling at me. Now I know I agreed to anything to save my marriage, but ts ust not fair. My wife is a nurse and talked to her employer and between the 2 of them they came up with a plan. was called into my wife's office and l felt a needle prick and that was a I remember until woke up in a strange apartment. My head was groggy, I felt long hair in my face, and my body did not feel right. slowly sat up and discovered I was now a blonde, and I had breasts. Not huge ones but impressive ones for sure. Not sure about my waist it seems smaller but maybe its because of the tits. Was I sitting on pillows? l was naked, l found the bathroom of this studio apartment and almost screamed when I looked into the mirror. I looked like a bimbo. Well a bimbo with a cock, but what happened, it was so small now. I tried to stroke it but it would not respond t just hung there as if nothing was happening. I had to get out of of here, I had to put something on. looked around the place and found some things in a box with a note on top of it all. Wow, my wife was really mad and now I know she really means business I aid out everything on the bed and started to read the note. gasped as I read what she said Dear Dave. lam sure you are curious about what happened to you, so let me see if l can give you a bit of an over view. While you were at the office, we gave you a shot and laid you out in the surgical suite. Only my boss and I know what happened but more people will find out as the week goes on lam sure. Yes your cock is still there, but with a little injection at the base, it wont get hard until l give you the antidote. So don’t even try to make it work the way it use to. If you don’t get the shot with in 30 days, it wont ever work again Now, Yes you have breasts, but for now they are only Saline fluids into the muscles filling them up to C cup size. These should go away with in 30 days as the body absorbes the fluid. Your areoles and nipples were injected with a nerve enhancing drug so they will be very very sensitive to touch, and your nipples wi aways be hard. your hips and ass were a bit harder. We actually had to put implants into your hips and ass to round you out. I guess we could take them out later. Anyway, you are on a 2 week probationary period. After you had sex with that girl I had to find a way to teach you to be nice. Now, Ken, a good friend of the office will be coming over at 8 am I would think you would not want him to find you naked so I provided you with the smallest thong l could find, some really stupid platform heels, a tiny dress that l am sure will be too small for you and of course a little make up and a purse. Now, Ken will pick you up and you will go shopping for a new wardrobe, make up, and he will take you to his apartment. You are to live with him as his girlfriend for 2 weeks. You will do EVERYTHING a girlfriend does fo her boyfriend and have his meals ready and keep his place clean including his laundry. if Ken reports back that you did a great job, we will let you go back to being a man. You should know Ken has been alone for over a year now and is pretty lonely. He is also bi-sexual. Now if he says you were not as good as we expect, you wi get one more week of probation. If at that time he says you still have more to learn, we will cut you loose and you will be this woman for as long as he desires, and of course breast implants will follow. Good luck sweetie, you will soon have either a new life or a single man with cute butt and flabby boobies.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Buying Cheap Steroids Online !!

When Ryan saw how cheap he could buy steroids online he didn't hesitate to buy some and start taking them right away. As an avid body-builder he was willing to try anything to give him the kind of body others would envy. He was always frustrated that because of his small size he could never pump the same weights as the big guys don't at the gym, most of whom treated him as an amateur. Eventually he stopped going to the gym because he felt so inadequate. However, once he started taking the steroids he began to notice his body changing, although not as he expected.At first he was pleased with the way his chest seemed to be expanding but then he noticed that something was wrong. His hips seemed to be widening too and he was losing the v-shape he had worked so hard for. He decided to keep going because aside from the shape changes his body had never felt better.  It wasn't until after six weeks of taking the large pink pills that he noticed that it wasn't that his chest was expanding but rather that he was growing breasts. He took a good long look in the mirror it all began to make sense.
The swelling of his hips, the softening of his skin, the fact that he felt so different. He thought back over the past couple of weeks, how he had switched shower gel to something from the women's section, how he had decided to grow his hair much longer, how for the first time ever, he had started to wonder what it would feel like to wear spandex. The pills must be female hormones not steroids! Ryan was about to throw the bottle away but something made him stop. He took another look in the mirror. His body really was starting to look good. Not in a masculine way, but as a woman. He was fit and trim and his legs were amazing. He was halfway through the course of pills, so what harm would it do to finish them and see how he looked? He would even have his body waxed so that he could really appreciate the look. In fact, he thought, perhaps he should order the bumper bottle of pills while they were still in stock.Four months later a new girl joined the gym. In her bikini top and tight pink spandex leggings she was queen of the gym and the envy of every man and woman in the room. As Ryan pumped some barbells he smiled to himself;  buying those pills was the best mistake he had ever made.

From a Company Intern to a Housewife !!

I never realised how comfortable it would be wearing nothing but dresses. It feels like I am wearing nothing at all! Sure, a lot of women's clothes are too delicate too be practical. I've accidentally ruined a whole lot of frilly underwear these past few months. Guys still probably has it easier. But I can't get over how light I feel wearing this dress! Hope no-one spots me spinning around like this. This is supposed to be a punishment, and it definitively feels that way most of the time. But when I am alone during the day I feel alright.It's fine to be a housewife.I like cooking food and the house barely needs cleaning when there are no icky children running around the place. My "husband" hasn't figured out a way to impregnate his kept, forcibly feminized, sissy housewife. I am not going to underestimate him, however if anyone is going to figure out a way, It would be him.
Yeah, I guess that I deserved this. I tried to screw his company out of a lot of cash. I was an intem, barely noticed by the higher-ups. They didn't realise what a young computer nerd could accomplish when left alone with the database. hat better way to humiliate an interne-obsessed young man than forcing him to play the part of an old-fashioned newly wedded housewife? The wifely duties i am expected to fulfil are the worst.Knowing what makes you sexy as a woman gets very confusing. I would never have thought that my skinny physique could ever look appealing in a bustier,basque or camiknicker... whatever these flimsy bits of lingerie are called. I'd look that stuff up online if just had access to a computer. It's soon weekend, and my husband is supposed to have a secret surprise for me. I was hoping to be done with this punishment weeks ago, but thinking about it, I was never promised that this would be temporary. But I really should stop spinning now... I am getting dizzy.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Mistletoe - Tg Tf Comic

Barry has a Confession to make !!

Barry couldn't believe how understanding his friend Stacey had been about his confession. Not only had she accepted his crossdressing but she had immediately suggested he try on some of her clothes and was quite keen to help feminize him.For years Barry had been a closet crossdressers, trying on girls' clothes whenever he had the opportunity and even buying things for himself. Over the years his need to feel girly had only ever grown stronger but he was always so frustrated at not being able to share his passion with anyone. At last he could take it no more and decided to confess to Stacey. He hadn't meant to but they were sitting in her room talking and the conversation came around to fashion. One thing led to another and before he knew it he found himself telling her how he would like to try on the new skirt she had just bought.
"Wear my skirt?" she asked in surprise. "Why?"
It was now or never and Barry spilled out his secret. He told her all about how envious he was of girls for the pretty clothes they wore, of how for over a year now he had only been wearing ladies underwear whenever he could."You see Stacey," he concluded, "I just want to be one of the girls."
Stacey listened to it all and when he finished she stood up and told him she wanted to see for herself.
Before long she had him dressed in her orange bra and tong panties. Barry felt very exposed in the tiny panties and a little embarrassed but then she stripped off her own clothes to reveal the pink bra and boyshorts she was wearing. She seemed to completely accept him as one of the girls already. As she helped him to put on a flowery top she told him how cute he looked and she would let him try the new skirt as well.As Stacey pulled the top down over his head Barry was thinking about how wonderful it was to finally be doing something girly with a real girlfriend and Stacey was thinking about who she was going to tell as soon as Barry went home. After all, if Barry wanted to be one of the girls then he had to realize that girls always share their secrets...

Who needs Tv Shows when you have this sort of entertainment in your own home?

Michelle had come home early and was looking forward to some good entertainment watching tv shows. As she came up the stairs and walked to her room she passed the bathroom and nearly screamed when she saw a girl posing in front of the mirror. A moment later she realized it was her brother Gavin wearing her new checkered summer dress and wig. She watched in bewildered fascination as Gavin watched himself in the mirror, smoothing the dress over his hips and checking how it fit on his tummy and bottom.He didn't seem to have noticed that she was there and once she had recovered her senses she prepared vent her outrage. But before she had a chance to speak Gavin began to take the dress off. He skillfully unzipped the dress and then rolled it down his body. Michelle's outrage turned to amusement as Gavin peeled off the dress to reveal he was wearing her pink striped thong panties. This was just too good to miss. Michelle reached for her mobile phone and turned on the video camera. She waited till Gavin was bent over with his pink panties-clad bottom in the air before she spoke.Caught in the act of wearing his sister's clothes Gavin provided Michelle with a 'perfect caught wearing panties shot'."Hi Gavin," she giggled.The terrified Gavin was in now position to move but swung his head round to look behind him giving Michelle a perfect shot of his surprised face."Michelle!" Gavin gasped, kicking off the dress and trying to find a towel to cover himself as Michelle kept filming. "Say 'hello' to the camera sissy-boy," she teased as Gavin faltered between trying to grab the camera and trying to cover himself up. "Get out!" he finally managed and slammed shut the door to the bathroom, knowing in his heart that it was too late. Back in her room Michelle quickly loaded the video onto her computer for safe keeping. She was already planning what she would do now that she could have her brother under her thumb. Who need tv shows when you have this sort of entertainment in your own home?

Never Accept Beer from Strangers !!

Tom and Hank couldn't believe their luck when two charming young women offered them a beer each as they walked through the park. The boys accepted their beers and drank a toast to each other but as soon as they took the first sip the world starting spinning and they felt their bodies stretching a spinning with it.When the spinning stopped they were horrified to find that they had turned been turned into the two sexy young women in short skirts, pantyhose, and heels. With all their belongings gone they had nothing except the girls' handbags that they had left with them.The two boys gaped at each other and looked at the beers that they were still holding.It was Tom who found his voice first .
"OMG! What happened?" he shrieked in a high feminine voice."They turned us into girls!" "What should we do?" The two boys quickly put down their beers and dug about in their handbags. They were pleased to discover that in addition to make-up each had a mobile phone too. They pulled out their mobile phones and started going through the contact list."What have you got?" Tom asked."Three hairdressers, a pedicurist and a yoga teacher. How about you?" "The local aerobics gym, a wax specialist and a spa center." "That's all we need. Let's go and party girl!"
"Whoo hoo!"

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Naruto's Transformation into a Cheerleader !!

Naruto is turned into a beautiful Cheerleader.
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Halloween Party !!

Dave did not know how it had gotten this far started out innocently enough. His girlfriend dressing him up for a halloween party at her work. It was a fun night, lots of flirting, teasing. All the girls from her work accepted Diane' into their group, the drinks and shots flowed and before long they were all dancing with men, daring each other to go further than the last one. Diane felt light headed, and just like the girl he looked like The short cocktail waitress outfit did not help keep the men away. His feminized body on display and all the men enjoying how brazen all the girls at the party were. Most of them had no idea that Diane was not all girl. But when Ken took her to dance, the music changed, to a very slow romantic tune. Diane was so close to him his scent filled her body, her perfume filled his His erection pressing thru the tiny thin uniform As his hands wandered down to her full round ass, pulling her tightly into his hard muscled body, and looked over at the other girls who were egging the girl on to be more brazen. She felt Kens face slide down to her neck and he started to kiss and nibble her neck and ears. She shivered so hard he felt i It egged him on and his hand slipped under her tiny skirt as the lights lowered to a more romantic feel. As his fingers wandered close to her secret, she tried to pull way and Ken just held her tight and whispered into her pretty ear. I know who you are Dave, but s ok, am bi-sexual and intend on spending a lot of time with you. With that comment he pulled back, tilted the girls head back, opened her lips, and dropped a pill into her mouth and then kissed her firmly, forcing her to swallow the pill. Once he felt her swallow the pill, he eagerly filled her mouth with his large manly tongue. All of the girls, including Diane’s girlfriend were yelling and hooting off to the side. This made Ken more bold and he started to grind into the helpless girl and as the 'x took effect, our new girl felt her body become enflamed with lust. Diane could not contain her emotions or her body. Eagerly she ground and pushed back. Her arms went around Kens manly neck and as she pulled his face into hers, they became the only show on the floor. As the song ended the lights came up and the girls noticed D lanes face all smeared and in desperate need of repair. They rushed her into the ladies and made repairs to her hair and face, making sure her body was wantonly displayed, they walked her back out. Ken smiled and embarrassed the girl, thanking the other girls for helping Diane and with that he lifted her into his arms, and carried her out of the party. Diane's girlfriend rushed to the door and held out Diane’s purse and wrap. Kissed her cheek and said have fun baby. No one heard from Diane or Dave for that matter. Ken showed up for work and handed out cards to all the girls asking them to attend a party that Monday night. It had been 3 days since anyone had heard from Dave. When they all showed up at the party, it was set up for a wedding. Dave’s girlfriend went to the brides room and found her former boyfriend trying to put on his high heel slippers, wearing a white bridal gown. She smiled and knew that she may have lost a boyfriend, but that Diane would be the best girlfriend a girl could have. She rushed over, took this photo for her scrapbook. Finally getting her shoes on, she helped the new girl to her feet and hugged her. Come on sweetie, lets get you ready. Your new man is waiting for you inside