Saturday, 30 September 2017

Role Reversal Night

Carl and Betty Ann wanted to do something different to spice up their marriage so they planned a role reversal night out. They visited the TG Inc. store and bought all the supplies they needed to make each other over into the opposite sex. The planning was more excitement than the actual night out.Betty Ann turned into the husband for the night with ease;Carl was another story. Betty Ann worked over three hours getting Carl just right. The right makeup and clothes made it impossible to tell Carl was a guy. Carl had to admit he looked good as a woman. The blue mini skirt,polka dot tights and high heel boots were the perfect touch.The outing was more than either could ask for. It was so much fun playing the role of the other spouse. Carl found he enjoyed turning men's heads. For the first time Betty Ann felt the jealousy Carl felt when they are out. Then things got real.They needed to stop for a bathroom break. A few seconds later they both came running out of the restroom. They kept interrupting each other until Carl said, "I'm a girl! Really a girl!" Betty Ann explained she found an extra part when she unzipped. r couple to realise they bought the wrong clothes and makeup at TG Inc. They were not play acting; they really switched with each other: Later they discovered it was a permanent transformation kit. Carl, or should we say, Betty Ann, took it all in stride as she posed on the street in the sexy blue mini skirt. At least the heels fit perfectly.

Dream Come True !!

Graham lay back on the couch delirious with delight. The spell had worked! He now had the body of a sexy young woman. He looked down the length of his smooth, soft, shapely body and laughed out loud. He ran his hands gently over his chest, teasing the perfect breasts that now filled his bra."Thank you!" he called out to no one in particular. He rubbed his legs against one another, enjoying the silky smooth sensation of his thighs in the tiny black lace thong panties. This was everything he had dreamed of, and so much better. It was good to be a woman.

Dressing up when Wife is away

Jared thought he had the house to himself for a whole week. His wife had just left for a business trip, and he knew exactly what he was going to do. He went up into the attic and opened the box with the medallion that was carefully wrapped inside with a yellow sweater and some jean shorts. He took a deep breath as he placed the medallion around his neck and touched the sweater to it. He then proceeded to change his clothing. The jean shorts were too tight for him,but he knew it was only a matter of moments before he could slip them on. The sweater was less of a problem to get on, but for now it was tight. It didn't take long. About 15 minutes and Jared had an entirely different body. He had dated Soon when he was in college, back when he first found the medallion. She was the only one he had ever told about the medallion, and they often used it to swap bodies. After they broke up, he never told her that he kept one of her outfits that allowed him to transform himself into a copy of her any time he wanted. He used to do it all the time, but it became less frequent as the years passed. Now that he was in his 40s,there was still something nice about spending some time inside the body of a college-aged woman. But then he heard a noise outside. He looked to see a care outside. His wife must've forgotten something! He needed to hide. It'd be many more hours before he could transform back into himself. He rushed up to the attic,hoping she would think he had just gone out for a bit.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Narcos !!

You sure you got it?""Yes, Ramon," Benny said, dismally."Tell me again."My flight for Mexico City leaves at seven thirty. My ride will be at gate sixteen. The name will be Gustafson. They'll take me to the clinic and remove the cocaine from my... the... "...Your tits, that's right," Ramon completed. "And then your debt to us will be repaid."The massive narcotic fortunes attached to his chest had prompted him to endure a feminine disguise, though Benny had hoped the clothes they had provided him didn't promote them as much as they did."Don't look so sad, Benni," Ramon chided. "Some girls would pay a fortune for those!" he laughed, enjoying the shame and frustration of his hapless debtor, who was at that time still completely unaware that his entire 'mission' was just a lie. There was no gate sixteen. There wouldn't be a driver. Even the cocaine was just a fabrication; the only compound his chest possessed was fourteen pounds of worthless silicone gel. Yet it would be 1500 miles before he discovered Ramon's malicious deception.With no money or ID, Benny would find himself a stranded transsexual in a foreign country. It would be at that point,Ramon figured, that Benny's punishment would truly begin and it was worth every penny.

Born To Be a Female !!

Melissa is looking forward to her company's holiday formal. She works as a legal counsel for a tech firm,and is one of the most beautiful women in town. It's hard to believe that just seven months earlier, she was in San Francisco to undergo her long awaited gender reassignment surgery. Melissa began life as a boy named Melvin: he knew he should have been a girl from the time he was three years old. He grew up in a house full of girls after his father abandoned the family when he was five years old. His three older sisters, Marianne, Mauree and Maria,encouraged him to dress in their old dresses. Melvin was smaller than most boys his age; he only grew to be five feet, six inches tall with a slender build. After he graduated from law school, he told his sisters and their mother, Mimi, that he was becoming a woman,and changing his name to Melissa. Her employer hired her for her expertise on transgender law. She has helped several transgender co-workers with their issues, especially with transitioning on the job.Since her operation, she has become one of the most sought after women by the single men in town. She began dating men during her transition. She chose a gown that would grab the attention of the men. This picture of Melissa, in her blue sleeveless evening gown was taken by the company photographer in the ballroom where the holiday formal was being held. Little did she know that the bachelor son of the senior partner in the firm is showing some interest in dating her and possibly becoming her man.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Memories !!

I was on my way to lunch today when I suddenly ceased up and experienced an attack of confusing emotions I never felt before.I've always been a confident girl, but as my chest tightened and my palms became clammy, I felt inexplicably self-conscious. My cheeks burned with scarlet red the moment I looked down at my body because it suddenly seemed inappropriate to think of it as my own. The skirt and blouse made me feel silly and embarrassed. I felt vulnerable I realised something was seriously wrong when I felt abruptly displaced, as though I didn't belong in my own skin. I felt conscious of my breasts and the weight they bore on my chest. I wondered if I always had them - as a little girl I certainly didn't, but I don't even remember being a little girl. When I cast my mind back to that time,I just think of a boy, but I felt a strong connection to him, as if we were one of the same person. Maybe we were. No, that can't be.Then I suddenly did something I didn't expect. I zipped down my skirt and reached down into my panties to find nothing. I had no idea what I expected to find down there but I had an uncontrollable urge to check. I was devastated by the nothingness between my legs but then again, why would I be? I always had a vagina so why did I have this deep longing for something I couldn't quite remember? Memories of being this handsome young man in a suit flashed before my eyes. Like the boy, I felt a strong connection to him. I felt like I was going crazy. I didn't enjoy being this way and I wanted it to stop. So Mr. Hooper, my boss and saviour, said he would help push these feelings away forever. All I had to do was attend this special clinic tomorrow and everything would be all fine again.The scary thing is that the picture on the brochure looks very familiar.Something deep down is telling me not to go but I have to. I need to.

Reborn !!

Randall had never been popular in school, and things had gotten even lonelier in the past few months since his best friend Tim died in a accident.He often tried not to think about it. As he walked home alone one day, a young woman approached him. Randall thought this was odd since no one ever even noticed him, particularly not women."Randall," the woman in purple said, "l've got a secret to tell you."Randall was quite surprised the woman knew his name. She continued, "I know this is going to sound weird, but it's me. It's Tim."Randall's face went white, "You're messing with me.Tim's dead."I know. I was in a car accident. But the doctors were able to save my life my putting my brain in this body. The only condition was that I am not allowed to tell anyone. But keeping that secret, even from my parents, it's killing me. I needed to tell at least one person. And the doctors will never know I told you; they just won't. We can even hang out just like before. I am having trouble living this woman's life. I just need a small piece of who I was before. Come on, let's go play some video games."Randall wasn't quite sure. Part of him still thought he was being messed with, but playing video games with a pretty girl still seemed like a good idea.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Two Birds,One Stone.

"Do you ever shut up?" Mr. Wang asked his assistant."I'm sorry, Mr. Wang. But I have a list of requests here that you need to attend to." "Fine, what is it?" "First off, the photography ladies are missing their model after she threw a tantrum and stormed off." "Surely it can't be that hard to find another pretty girl to take over?" "Apparently, it is hard and they can't find anyone. Second of all,the IT department is struggling to find work for their intern, what with all the classified data they're handling at the moment." "Easy, send the intern to the photography harpies. Two birds,one stone.". "But sir, the intern is a bo-" "Don't care, not my concern. I've told you what to do, so sort it." "Right away, Mr. Wang. Next on the list is..."
"Bend your knee in a little more!" "Sorry, I don't really do this kind of thing. I work in software and-" "Shush! We're trying to take photos here!"

Fountain of Youth !!

What are you staring at me like that? Did it work or didnt it? Tell me!!
Professor Juan Sanchez from the University of Mexico City didn't know After years of research, he had found an old report about a small group expeditioners who reported the discovery of the Fountain of Youth. However, there were a few illegible passages that spoke of a "mysterious curse".Nevertheless, Professor Sanchez was able to persuade the dean of the University to fund a research expedition. The journey into the jungles of Venezuela almost proved too much for the professor but eventually the expedition was led to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Despite the warnings, Professor Sanchez began bathing in the water- it's rejuvenating effect was undeniable, but he he would come to learn that the price of eternal life was very high! By the time the expedition had reached home, Juanita was certainly not a virgin anymore!


"No, George I am not regretting taking the pills you had bought for me. Transforming into a woman and becoming a secretary is better than being unemployed.It is quite a change to have a soft skin, long delicate hair and breasts. I will get used to my new looks and get what I want." former man I know how I can use my new looks to get It started when Allan was unemployed and George knew a position as secretary. There was one big hurdle to take Allan was a man. Therefore, they went to a gipsy to give them some advice. The gipsy gave a set of pills, which Allan should take. After taking the pills, Allan passed out. The last thing Allan could remember was a strange feeling across his whole body. After that, he lost consciousness and when he regained consciousness, he noticed that his body has changed Allan had become a woman and to help his friend George went shopping. During his shopping trip, he bought a skirt, top, underwear, stockings and shoes.When he returned Allan now Alice slipped into while checking her body. The transformation had really happened perfectly. When she put on the thong, she noticed how well that it fitted between her legs. Really feeling like a woman now made here aware that, she was Alice now and that she had to start living as a woman.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

You are always one decision away from changing your life !!

Its amazing the turns your life takes when you take chances. Who would have ever thought it would end up like this. Sitting on a dresser in a tight skirt, high heels and suit coat, blonde hair all fixed up. Sitting side-saddle was hard enough but trying to put on make up while a naked man watches is totally another problem. You see the sexy girl in the mirror is named Diane now. She use to be known as Sharla's husband Dave. It seems that Dave had been peeping into the window of their 19 year old neighbor. She was a very cute redheaded cheerleader at the local high school. She was sexually active and Dave loved watching her dress, undress and pleasure her boyfriends. He had been so infected with her looks and activities he stole a pair of her sexy bikini panties from the line out in their back yard. Last night his wife came in and caught him doing just that. She watched both him kneeling at the window and then looked to see that he was watching the young girl service an older muscled man. He turned out to be a friend of Sharla. Now, it seems Diane has been directed to become a woman and pleasure the same man that little Cristy was doing last night. If he did not tell Sharla that Diane was a better sexual partner than Cristy, Diane would remain a woman until he told her that Diane was better. Diane put it off as long as she could.A man was waving at her and she knew she needed to make sure that she did just everything she needed to become a husband again, not knowing she never would..

Going Out As a Girl !!

For Timothy the hardest part of going out dressed as a girl was getting changed. He couldn't do it at home as someone might see him leave and once he was outside it was hard to find a quiet spot to change from Timothy to Tina. It was early evening and he wanted to spend some time out as a girl as he hadn't been able to for a few weeks and he was getting antsy. He walked around for a bit with his bag of girls' clothes until he found a quite corner of a car park behind a large supermarket. He looked around to make sure he was alone.
First he put on his long dark-haired wig. The sooner he looked like a girl the better. Quickly he took off his sweatshirt and jogging pants. Underneath he was wearing a white cotton bra and frilly white cotton panties. He chuckled to himself that if anyone saw now they would see a woman standing in a car park wearing only her undies. He pulled on a more feminine top and then pulled out the most important part of his costume, his new tight-fitting pants. There were white and he had been dying to wear them outside ever since he bought them. He pulled on the pants and tried to tug them up his smooth, hairless legs. He had bought a very tight pair and they were hard to get on but he loved the way they looked once he had them on. Timothy wiggled his hips from side to side as he pulled the pants up over his panties and at last they were in place. He gave them one final tug and then reached up to adjust his hair.

"Timmy, I think those pants are a size too small," a familiar voice said from behind him.
Timothy spun around and found his younger sisters Vicky and Mindy eying him up with cheeky smirks on their faces.
"Mind you he does have a very cute butt for a boy," giggled Vicky.
"He doesn't look like much of a boy to me," Mindy added. "Much more of a girl."
"We saw you hanging around looking suspicious so we thought we'd follow you," Vicky explained, talking in an exaggerated girly voice.. "I see we got here just in time. Anyway, we are going shopping for some clothes, would you like to come with Timmy?"
They burst out laughing at this and before the terrified Timmy could respond the two girls swept away.
"See you later Timmy," Vicky called out to him. "Oh, and for future reference, those white panties of your are giving you a terrible panty-line under those pants."
The girls shrieked even louder at this and Timothy could still hear them laughing and joking with e
ach other all the way across the car park...

Monday, 25 September 2017

Valentine's Day !!

Sharla and Diane stood on the bottom step surrounded by valentines day Balloons. The 2 men in suits stood in awe. Sharla in black was stunning. Diane in white was nervous and it showed. her white dress too low cut, too short and her cork wedgies were not comfy at all and just to high. Robert was Sharla's date, her boss at work, and good friend for years. Ken was Diane's date, friend of Robert, and bi-sexual. Ken had been single for over a year and had been telling Robert how he missed having dates and a special person in his life. He had mentioned it to Sharla last week at the office and Sharla perked up and smiled. I have an idea but you can't tell Ken anything other than you are going on a double date, and that you are gonna fix him up with a cute blonde. Sharla then detailed her plan. Her husband had been out of work for several months, and while at home had been caught wearing his wife's panties and bra while cleaning the house. Robert chuckled and asked if she thought he would be passable. She said yes, but what did it matter if Ken was bi-sexual. Laughing he said that it would be important because he had big plans for Valentines day with his personal assistant and did not want anything to mar the night. She agreed and said dont worry, just be at my home by 5 pm on Valentines. True to her world, Dave was converted into Diane on the ruse that his wife needed to impress the boss in her skills and making people do what she needs them to do so she can get a pay raise. Dave agreed but protested when she glued realistic breasts on his chest. Once Diane appeared, Dave was really scared at how pretty he looked. After all, he did not want to be beat up by this man Ken. She smiled and said dont worry. Needless to say Diane was a hit with Ken and after dinner, Ken took Diane back to his condo and they spend the night learning all about the things Diane had no clue about. Now Sharla has a great 25 percent pay raise, and it seems she got a raise out of Robert all night. They have plans for a 2 week cruise for both couples. Of course only the best suites are planned and I dont think Dave will appear anytime soon. Sharla made a few calls the next day to one of Roberts friends at the country club. Diane has an appointment with Dr Good stuff to see about breast implants and who knows what else. Sharla only needed to pick a size. Maybe full C cup or maybe D

Caught By Police !!

When Jeremy's office sent him to London for a work he was very excited, and not just because of the stay in a hotel, all expenses paid. If he was going to London then it meant there was no chance of anyone recognizing his feminine persona Jessica if she went for a stroll down the street.
He brought with him some of his favorite girls' clothes and as soon as the conference was over he dashed back to the hotel to pretty himself up for an evening of cross-dressing. He chose to wear a pink off-the-shoulder top and tight white shorts to show off his perfectly shaved legs. With a wig on his head and some carefully applied make-up he looked as good as he felt and headed down to the street. The only looks he got as he crossed the hotel lobby were from admiring hotel staff he seemed to be wondering where this sexy woman had come from. Jeremy felt wonderful as he stepped out into the street. There was nothing to fear from the passersby, no worries of running into a work colleague or a friend. He set off down the street enjoying the air and the looks his legs earned from passing motorists. He was watching a taxi driver who was watching him as he turned a corner and so didn't notice the policewoman standing there until he ran right into her and nearly knocked her off her feet.

"Oops, I'm sorry," Jeremy said and immediately knew he had made a terrible mistake. He had used his normal male voice and the policewoman was giving him a very close and stern look.
"What's all this then?" she said in a loud and commanding voice. "Boys dressed as girls running into police officers, is it? You had better come with me to the station lad."
Jeremy was terrified. What would he do if he was arrested for assaulting a police officer? His career would be ruined, and his life. He was so scared that he meekly allowed the police woman to lead him to the station that wasn't far away. As they approached Jeremy could only imagine the humiliation of walking into a police station dressed as a girl. He felt his knees knocking as they went up the stairs but when they came into the lobby there was no one at the front desk. He could hear voices coming from an open door behind the desk and thanked his luck that on one had seen him. The police woman lead him across the room and into an office where she closed the door.
"Now then," she said sternly. "What's all this about?"
"I,I,I'm sorry," Jeremy stammered feeling very foolish now in his sexy pink top and tight shorts.
"Sorry is all very well and nice but why are you dressed as a girl?"
"Er, well, I..."
"Like to dress up as a girly do you?"
"Yes Ma'am"
Jeremy didn't know the correct way of addressing a police officer but 'Ma'am' seemed like a good start. Despite the peril he was in he loved the woman's English accent and the way she talked to him with such confidence.
"I see," the officer said. "Did you put all that make-up on all by yourself?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Made a good job of it, didn't you?"
"Yes ma'am."
"You like being all girly do you? Like being one of the girls?"
"Yes ma'am."
"If you are trying to be a girl then shouldn't you have a girly voice."
Jeremy wasn't quite sure what the officer meant and he said so.
She pulled out her truncheon and used it to lift his face by pushing under his chin.
Jeremy was so surprised and scared he couldn't move.
"If you want to be a girl you had better use a girly voice when you are talking, hadn't you?"
Jeremy was so humiliated at first he couldn't speak but then he worked his mouth and managed to speak in his feminine voice.
"Yes ma'am."The police woman smirked at him and then poked him in the chest where he had attached adhesive breasts to make a very large bosom.
"Are those fake breasts?"
"Yes ma'am.""Ha! They're a bit on the large size for such a small girl, aren't you?"
"If you say so ma'am."
"I hope you put on a pretty pair of knickers," the police woman said and poked him in the groin with her truncheon.Jeremy blushed. He had put on a pair of pink high-cut panties with bows on them and he was ashamed to think that the policewoman might ask to see them. Secretly he loved the way she called his panties 'knickers' in her English accent.
"Yes ma'am."
"Yes ma'am what?"
"Yes ma'am I'm wearing pretty panties, I mean knickers."The police woman took his face in her other hand while keeping the truncheon pressed against his crotch. He had never felt so weak in the face of woman in his life."I could have you arrested for assault you know," she said. "And with that little top, I can add indecent exposure."Jeremy gulped. Then the woman leaned even closer and before he could move she planted a kiss on his mouth. She held his face as her tongue explored his mouth.
"But I wouldn't do that to such a pretty boy, now would I?" she said as she broke away from the kiss.
Jeremy stood frozen to the spot.
"Well, that will be all, off you go then lad," the police officer said and she gave him a sharp whack on the bottom with her truncheon to get him moving. Jeremy needed no second bidding. He ran from the police station and headed straight back to the hotel, his legs like jelly. All he could think of was that he had just been sexually abused by a police officer but he was never going to press charges...

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Terrible Liar !!

I wish I could say that I hated the way my new body felt. That I hated wearing bras and being on display for men. I wish I could say that I hated the way Ronald looked at me now, like I was a piece of meat. Eversince the estrogens​ poisoning had taken away every once of manhood I possessed, I tried to convince myself it was terrible.However, it was hard to tell such a bold lie. I loved my new body and all of its curves. My new clothes dripped of femininity. I loved the soft fabric and lace. My breasts were perfect and I could not enjoy showing them off more, and shaving my long legs was the best part of the morning.I wish I could tell you that I hated being thrown down onto the couch. Having my clothes torn off of me by some sex crazed maniac. But the truth could not be farther away. Ronald and I were both under the control of our hormones. I could not fault him for anything he is doing. I knew what I was doing as soon as I took off my top.I was wet and he was ready, I wish I could say that I had not been looking forward to this moment for a very long time. Though, as I am sure that you will find, I am a terrible liar.

Hot Farmer !!

It was the new fertilizer. It had to be.Everything happened so gradually at first that I guess I didn't notice but by the time I did, the doctors told me it was too late. They explained to my parents that high concentrations of female growth hormone, like the kind found in the fertilizer, had caused irreversible damage to my hormonal balance. Essentially tricking my young prepubescent body into thinking it was supposed to develop as a girl.And that's what happened.My voice never changed, my muscles never developed. Instead of growing a beard I was growing boobs and while most boys my age would have sold there soul to see a cute girl naked, it was something that I was looking at every day in the mirror.And once my curves really started to develop and I looked undeniably feminine, it was decided that I live full time as a woman and finish what the fertilizer had started. By the end of that summer I was 100% the girl I appeared to be.Of course that was a few years ago and I have adjusted to it. Though it still sometimes makes me sad to think about. I always dreamed of dating a farmers with a great body, I just never thought I would end up becoming one.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

2 New Captions !!


Once upon a time Blake, Carl and Richard were the captain, co-pilot, and engineer on an airliner. They enjoyed the status and power, and shamelessly flirted with the stewardesses. Eventually the girls became fed up with their inappropriate advances and began to slip female hormones into their coffee during the flights. Little by little the pills had their effect and the boys discovered a new feminine feeling. Within six months the three of them had resigned their positions for 'personal reasons'. A year later they were back on board as Betsy, Carol, and Rachelle, the new junior flight stewardesses.


Amy was amazed at just how powerful and quick the spell was working. With each grape that she fed to her boyfriend Bradley he changed even more into a beautiful girl. The changes were happening so fast that even Bradley didn't seem to be fully aware of what was going on. She watched as luxurious hair sprouted from his head and fell tumbling down his back. Bradley reached up in surprise to touch his new locks but Amy caught his hand and diverted his attention back to the grapes.
"Have another grape, Sweetie," she said and fed him some more of the fruit.
Bradley took the swallowed the grape and his skin softened, his face became more feminine and his eyebrows arched.
"What's going on?" he asked him alarm and Amy could barely stifle a giggle at the surprised expression on his new face. "I feel funny."
Before he could investigate Amy shoved another grape in his mouth. He chest began to swell and his hips widened.
"Ohhh," groaned Bradley, "what are you doing to me, please don't, please stop."

Amy stroked his arm and cooed to him.
"Don't worry baby, you will be fine, this all for the best," she said and slipped another grape between his lips. Amy felt his arm soften beneath her fingers and she could tell his resistance now was all but gone. He stared at her with a surprised and worried look in his big round eyes and she helped him to take another grape. Bradley shuddered again and now he had crossed the point of no return. He no longer needed to be fed the grapes but was taking them himself, slurping down the magical fruit as he experience for the first time the exquisite sensations of a young woman's body. Amy held a finger to his lips to stop him and then led him by the hand to her room where they found some clothes for him to wear. Then when he was dressed in a mini-skirt and top to match Amy's she took him back to the couch where he greedily gobbled the rest of the grapes from her hand, sealing the spell forever...

New Maid !!

Mister David, your wife she very specific she say you must be very good by tonight. She say you need learn clean and dust and mop and you need to cook too. She say you must work with the cook Mister Ken and make nice fancy dinner for her tonight. She say she have company and she not want you to make her embarrased when she and he have dinner and you make serve to them. So you need be berry good for her tonight. She say berry important dinner tonight. She say you know man who come with her to dinner. She say him name is Robert. She say he is Berry good client of her company and if he happy tonight, she get lots of money for herself and the company. Now, again. You make sure candle is clean and ready to light before they come here. She be very happy if you good tonight. She say that if Mister Robert want to stay over tonight that you spend tonight with Mister Ken the cook in the back house.
She say that she make bag for you and put it into the pantry. Now, you do like you told and clean this room very good and then go to master bedroom and clean the bathroom berry good and turn down the bed. Make sure Flowers are good in vase and that the floor all clean. She say she want her black lace baby doll lay out on bed with lace G string and her 4 inch maribou Slippers. She say for Mister Robert you lay out the red pajama's with no shirt. She say she think they fit him berry nice. Now go, see if Mister Ken needs anything before you start up stairs in the master bedroom. I sure he want something. Dave, now known as Maid Diane sighed and put the candle down and went into the kitchen to see if Ken wanted something. Indeed he did, he pulled the sexy maid into the pantry and presented her with a nice warm sausage to prepare before dinner

Friday, 22 September 2017

Sexy Little Surprise !!

Kevin was always flirting with the three girls who lived next door. When they invited him over one afternoon while his wife Mel was out he could barely contain his glee. The girls were very flirtatious with him and before long they admitted that they all thought he was very cute. Kevin couldn't believe his luck, and when the girls asked him if he would like to 'have some fun' he didn't hesitate.
He was a little shocked when the girls told him that they loved dressing men in lingerie but by then they had seduced him enough that his common sense could no longer save him.
They convinced him to let them shave his body and then talked him into wearing a sexy black lace camisole and matching panties. They coaxed him into sheer stockings and heels and showed him how to walk in them. Between the smooth, soft lingerie, and the gentle touches of the girls he was completely seduced and like a puppy in their hands. Soon they had him begging for more, quite literally. The blindfolded him and tied a ribbon and bow around his neck and attached it to the bed.
They told him not to move because they had a surprise for him. Kevin knelt on the bed like a good boy, his hands up and tongue out like an obedient puppy, thrilled at what these kinky girls would think of next.
Then the door to the bedroom opened again and the girls returned.
"Kevin!" gasped Mel's familiar voice. "What are you doing?"
Kevin had some explaining to do and he knew, no matter what he said, things were never going to be the same...


Dressed up as a Cheerleader for Halloween !!

It was Halloween, Barry's favorite time of year. It was the one evening when he could go out and be all the girl he wanted without causing suspicion. After all, when else could he strut around in a sexy black and fuchsia cheerleader costume? He had been planning his costume for months and was delighted with the attention it drew from the girls at the party. He was in heaven surrounded by women complimenting him on how good he looked.
"I just love that costume," smiled Karen as she eyed him up and down. "Especially the boots. Very sexy"
'Thank you," Barry said and gave a cheeky little curtsey.
"And your legs are so smooth," added Mindy.Barry thought of the pain that waxing his legs involved and congratulated himself on going the extra mile."Really you must have put so much effort into it," Sally added, "and you dance in those heels so well. Half the girls here couldn't mange in heels like that."Barry glowed inside at the compliments. He wished everyday was Halloween.
"Have you ever worn heels before?" Amanda asked, looking him straight in the eye. "You really do seem to have a them down well."Then Barry realized why the girls were taking such an interest in him. He was just a bit too good to be true. After all, what boy could pull on a pair of high-heeled boots and not wobble even once? Would a real man go to the trouble of shaving his legs let alone waxing them? He quickly faked a stumble and allowed himself to fall onto his bottom on the floor. The girls shrieked with delight."Oh Barry," Karen said laughing, "that was so obviously faked."
"No it wasn't."
"Really? Then why are you so careful about covering up your cute pink spankies?" Amanda demanded.
Barry realised his error. He had automatically crossed his legs just the way a girl would in short skirt if she fell to the ground. In his panic he blurted out the first thing that came into his mind."They aren't pink they are fuchsia," he retorted.The girls roared with delight."That settles it," Amanda triumphantly declared. "Only a real sissy-boy would know that..."

Couples Retreat !!

"You know," I said posing for a picture, "Brad snapped a few pictures and put the I was not thrilled with the idea of going really gotta hand it to you, Brad."camera down, "Why's that?" on this couples retreat as your 'girlfriend'," I explained as we continued our walk, "but this bodysuit you got me is phenomenal, incredibly realistic. I think it helps with the situation." I said.Brad smiled his goofy smile, "Well good." "Plus, you have been an absolute gentleman as well." I said, blushing slightly, "As weird as it is for me to say that. You've been very respectful of me in this body and haven't once crossed a line. "Brad laughed, "Yeah well boobs or no boobs, I'm pretty sure you would kick my ass if I tried." He said, "lt was nice that you got to let me see you topless a few times though."I giggled and looked down at my boobss it weird to say I might miss having these?" asked, giving them a squeeze.Brad shrugged, "You know we could make this a regular thing, I mean if you were okay with it." He suggested, "We could alternate every year. I'll be the girl next year."I'll think about it. Might be kind of fun! said smiling.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Is it Worth the risk?

At the comer Of 13th and Revolution Street there is a door. It's small, about the size Of a child, if you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't find it. This is a very special door; it has the ability to send you back in time.Several times actually.The first time I went through, I wasn't Sure what had happened. In fact it took a few minutes to realize that I was no longer in the year 2016 but in fact had been taken to the year 1991. I spent sixteen minutes in the year 1991 and than the door sent me back to my time, where I woke up in bed.Only I had changed. My entire life had changed in fact. As far as my family and the rest Of the world was I had been born a girl. Most Of the details are still the same except for that major one.I tried several times to go back and fix it. Each time was sent back after 16 minutes and every time I was Sent back as a woman. Sometimes my age varied slightly, once I was sent back having been bom deaf but I never sent back as a man.Perhaps it was some cosmic joke that I cannot go back to my Old life. Or perhaps the joke is that I was born man in the first place and this was the universe itself.I had decided to give up on trying to fix the timeline. It had begun to feel like a losing battle. Maybe I am supposed to be a woman, though, fate or not, I would be one for the rest Of my life.SO my advise to you, should you find this door; ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

Get Used to it !!

Madeline was delighted with the horrified look on her husband Malcolm's face. He was lying on the bed still wearing the blue underwear and the blonde wig was still firmly on his head. Even his make up looked fresh.
"You did what?" Maclolm asked incredulously.
"We feminized you," Madeline replied trying to sound as matter-of-fact as she could. "After you drank too much last night and passed out the girls and I decided to make some improvements."
"The girls? Which girls?"

"All the girls," Madeline said enjoying the way her husband seemed to be deflating. "We had a quite a party with you, as you can see."
"That wasn't fair," Malcolm groaned trying to imagine just how many girls would have been involved. His wife had many friends.
"Well I've decided that I prefer you as a girl so you had better get used to it..."

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

You are Going to be my Wife !!

My eyes were heavy and I was surprised to find myself in bed. I could not remember where I had been or what was going on. As I began to wake up, I felt a dull throbbing in my groin. When I reached down to examine, I was horrified by what I had found."Oh good, you are awake." Marcus said from somewhere in the room, me to jump, "l hope you find the doctors work satisfactory." He said, his voice was cold."Imagine my surprise when I find out that you are an undercover fed," He said, as I heard him light a cigarette, "than imagine how our felt when it turned out you were also a man!" He said his voice rising. "l must admit that you had me fooled. From the implants and surgeries, you made quite an attractive woman," Marcus said yes," He continued, "l was angry at first. But after I took my anger out on anyone who knew about your off the books mission, made sure that you became a ghost, I did feel a bit better." He said as my heart sank further and further down, "and now that you are a complete woman, I do feel better." He said, my bed, "So heres what is going to happen, you are going to remain as my lover and we are to be married." He said, "There is nothing you can do about that, I have all the necessary documents to make Cassandra White real, have had Joe Donovan pronounced dead." I felt tears run down my soft face, "You are going to be my wife and that is final."

Lab Accident !!

"Oh get real!" I exclaimed, sitting up on Saras bed, "Yeah right."Sara shrugged, "I'm just saying that he might appreciate it if you checked in." She said,throwing an outfit on the bed."And you don't think that this," I said gesturing to my body, "Is going to raise questions?"Sara giggled, "Well maybe just text him."I giggled, "Hey dad, sorry I haven't spoken to you since mom died.Life has been good, other than the lab accident. Oh and by the way dad, I have boobs and a vagina now but dont worry,your new daughter has already been deflowered. A few times actually! As it turns out I love having a dick in me much more than I did when one was on me!" I said laughing much harder.Sara was trying to hold back the laughter, "l wouldn't word it that way." She said."l dont want to think about this tonight, I just want to have a nice date night with Matt." I said, standing up. Still though, the thought lingered with me; whether or not Sara was right about reaching out to my father. But if he wouldn't step up to the plate for his son, why would he for his daughter.

Getting in Shape !!

Martin is such a good friend, I thought to myself as I snapped a picture for him. He was doing such and awesome job training me and getting me in shape. I knew I could rely on Martin has always been great shape and I wanted to look just like him. I was concerned at first by how thin I had gotten and how little muscle I seemed to have but he promised me that it was just water weight. He gave me a bunch of supplements to start taking that he said would help.And he was right, my pecks are really starting to develop now. 
Thankfully Martin bought me this compression shirt though, my new pecs are really sensitive and have a bit of a jiggle to them. He said that it was a good idea for me to wear compression shorts as well, seeing as how my butt was become more toned.I'm even growing out my hair to match his. Though mine seems to be a lot more silky than his and most Of the time it seems to get in the way.I couldnt be more happy. People are really starting to notice me. I turned a lot Of heads in the mens locker room.They must all be jealous.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Lost a Son but gained a beautiful Daughter !!

I took a look over at Sam and saw the way that he was looking at the other boys playing volleyball. The TG virus had left my son almost completely unrecognizable. He changed so much and so fast in fact that I didn't know how to handle it, and as ashamed as I am to admit, I distanced myself.That's when my wife suggested that Sam and I go away for a couple of days and reconnect. She booked us a hotel room at the beach and we left the next weekend. I should have known what I was in for when Sam went shopping with his mother and came back with a bag full of new dresses and bikinis but I chose to be ignorant to it. Though, now I see it. My son was gone, but in his place I now had a beautiful daughter. I couldn't help but wonder if my wife had this planned from the start.I found myself smiling as Sam turned towards me and saw me staring, only to turn away and blush. I reached and took her hand and gave it a squeeze, reassuring her that I was still and will always be her father.

Celebrating a Milestone !!

Thirteen years ago, my body was stolen. We were both here at the beach when it happened., and I still dont know why she chose me. I had gone from being a 22 year old young professional man to a ten year old girl.Of course years of therapy would have me tell you that those were delusions that I have triumphed over, and the man waiting in the car for me as know idea of any of this. He wouldnt understand and I did not want to scare him.Today is my birthday and I turned 23.A milestone; which is why I think I wanted to come here today. I'm older now than I ever was as a man. Not to say that I do not love my life. I have loving parents and the love of a handsome man whom I cared for deeply. It's hard for me to say whether or not I would go back and change everything, knowing what I have now. And yet I cannot help but wonder what my life would have come out like, or 'what life that girl made for herself. Maybe if mine turned out this good, she deserved my body for a fresh start.

Monday, 18 September 2017

My Own Personal Maid !!

Susan's eyes remained fixed on her husband as he dusted the shelves. She was waiting for him to get to the lower ones, knowing that every time he bent over, he would arch his back and show off his lacy thong.You should get the plates on the lower shelf."Susan said, her voice booming throughout the room. She could feel a familiar excitement beginning to grow in her slacks.Martin smiled with his back turned to his wife. "Oh yes sir, Mr. Rogers." He said in his sweet voice, "Right away." Martin bent over arching his back with his knees together and began dusting the fine china.He heard Susan stir on the couch and heard the sound of her shoes approaching him. Two firm hands grabbed him by the hips and he felt something hard pressing into his ass. Martin bit his lip, "Mr. Rogers," He said pretending to be surprised, "What are you doing?"You wouldn't dress like that for just anyone." Susan said, gently pulling back on Martin's hair, "I've seen the way you show off for me."Martin spun around and pressed himself against his wife, one hand massaging her package, "How dare you."He whispered sultry, "It's true that I have feelings for you,curiosity mostly, having never been with a real man before."Martin said as he pulled back and walked away.Susan grabbed him by the arms and threw him onto the couch, causing Martin to giggle. "Well let me show you what a real man is like." Susan said as she undid her pants."Wait, wait," Martin said, breaking character Already?"know how a woman's body works."shift and roll play I get lost in the roll." She said giggling.Susan nodded."Baby, I'm not ready yet." Martin said, "Come on you Susan pouted, "I know, it's like every time we shapeshift and roleplay i get lost in the role ".She said giggling.

9 Years of Torture !!

As his body fell to the floor with a thud, I slumped against the wall. After all these years it was finally over.Nine years in captivity.Nine years of experiments.Nine years of surgery, all over with a glass of wine.I had played my part for the past year. I kept telling myself that I did what I had to do to stay alive. Though part of me knew that there were aspects of my new life that I did enjoy. After he let his guard down, I found myself the recipient of many lavish gifts. He treated me like a princess, but we both knew deep down he was a monster.And monsters need to be stopped.On the day of our ninth anniversary together and while he was out running errands, I slipped down to his lab. It was amazing what you pick up after nine years with a maniac. He returned none the wiser and we sat down for a lovely dinner. As the night progressed upstairs, he slipped into the bathroom for a moment.While in there, I poured us some wine and slipped a little something special into his.And now everything was finally over. The man that had caused me so much pain, stripped me of my old life and left me with this womanly body, was finally dead. I couldn't help but laugh; they say that statically speaking, women are more prone to use poison as a method of killing. I guess they are right.

Celebrating 2 Month Anniversary !!

I'll be the first to admit that I was probably in way to deep. I promised myself, after I discovered my shapeshifting ability, that this would never happen.The biggest I had ever spent as anyone else was a week; impersonating my buddy Jeff so he could go out of state for concert.And now I am celebrating a two month anniversary with Johnathan, as Jonathan's beautiful girlfriend Melissa. I felt so out of place in my regular body that it was starting to feel like Melissa was my normal form and my regular body was just something I had temporarily taken the form of. Even my old friends noticed that my mannerisms and body language had changed. I had spent so much time living as a man that when it came time once in a while for to be a man, I felt lost.Ofcourse tonight would be the moment of truth.Jonathan thought he was being sneaky but all the signs were there. I knew that he was going to propose to me and I would be forced to choose;either leave and return to my boring old life, or say yes and live the rest of my life as Melissa.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Frat House Challenge !!

Dave was thrilled when his frat house challenged him to steal some underwear from the girls' dorm rooms. It was quite easy for him to find a time when the girls were all in classes and then sip in through a window. For Dave there was an added bonus to sitting through the girls underwear; he was a closet transvestite and that gave him an eye for the best panties to choose.
Dave quickly found a room with an unlocked door and went inside. The room was quite untidy but it was the work of a few moments to find the girls undies in the their top drawers. He was about to grab a few and leave when temptation got the better of him. After all, once he took the bras and panties were back at the frat house he might never get to wear them. He quickly took off his clothes and put on a white bra and matching sexy hi-cut panties. With his long hair tied back in a ponytail he really did look like a girl in the underwear. He saw a discarded pair of leggings on the floor and was about to try them on when to his horror he heard voices approaching the door. The next moment the door handle began to turn and in his desperation he dived to the floor behind a bed to hide.
"Who is there?" a female voice demanded.
"There is no one here," said another voice.
"Yes there is, I saw something moving," a third voice insisted.
Lying flat on the floor Dave heard the sound of heeled shoes clicking on the wooden floor as the girls came over to investigate. Moments later he was looking up into three startled but amused faces.
"Girls, I can explain everything," he began...

Magical Pool !!

Alan held his breath as he stood at the edge of the Fount of Femininity. Legend had it that whoever immersed themselves in the pool of water would boost their femininity. With his mind resolved he stepped over the edge and plunged into the clear water. The water was cool and refreshing and as he broke back through the surface he could feel his clothes clinging to his changed body. Trembling with excitement he pulled himself up onto the edge and surveyed his body.
He could feel the water dripping from his now long and luxurious hair and his jeans clung wetly to his shapely thighs. Looking down at his chest Alan was mesmerized by the twin orbs that now pushed his t-shirt away from his chest. So round, so perfect, he thought. What if he took another dip, he asked himself. Would they become even larger? Alan was now intoxicated with feminine sensations, craving more he threw himself into the pool again...

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Even Doctors cant fix me !!

Two weeks ago I was assaulted on my way home from work when a strange woman jabbed a syringe into my arm. I rushed to the ER and explained the situation, they ran several tests and could not find anything wrong with me. I was discharged and told to keep an eye Out for anything Strange.Over the next fourteen days, however, I witnessed my body go through some rapid changes and to call them strange would be an understatement.At first it was just my voice. I found that my natural speaking voice had changed from a low baritone to high soprano. I sounded like a woman whenever I opened my mouth. This was also accompanied by an Overall softening Of my face and swollen lips.Half way through the first week I began to lose muscle mass and weight at an alarm rate. My waist became thin as well as my arms and legs, both Of which seemed to become much more shapely and slender.At the start Of the second week, I woke up to the shock Of seeing these breasts juggling on my chest and saw that Other curves had started to develop as well. I did my best to hide them but eventually resigned myself to staying in doors, to embarrassed to leave my house.As the second week came to an end, I had a full set of female curves and my body was left completely smooth. My hair, too, had undergone changes and was much faster and fell to my shoulders. The only vestige Of my male self was between my legs.That was until this morning. Shame on me I didn't even notice until I was in the shower and went to wash down there. I was completely flat and completely female now. I still don't know why this happened or who that woman was, but I knew in the back of my mind that the doctors wouldn't be able to fix this, even if I went back to them.

Welcome to your new House !!

So far, the night had been a total success. The bosses son was happy with Diane. Dinner was wonderful, the opera was delightful. Justin could barely keep his hands off the young pretty girl. At dinner, the top of her dress delightfully parted slightly to give him glimpses of her soft breasts, at the opera her crossing her legs exposed that she was wearing gartered stockings, his favourite. When he put his hand on her leg in the opera, she just giggled softly, and looked at him and smiled. The limo ride home was delicious. He kissed her firmly yet softly enough to curl her toes as his hands caressed her soft breasts inside her dress. Arriving at the mansion, they walked into the sitting room and sipped some champange. He could take it no longer. He kissed her softly, lifted her into his arms and started to carry her up to the master bedroom. He knew that tonight would be the first of many nights to come.
His Father had seen to that. As they arrived in the bedroom, he kissed her again and held her tight as he whispered " Don't worry Dave, before the month is out, you will be more girl than your soon to be ex wife is. You will keep your little man down there, but with facial femnization, breast implants and of course hip and butt enhancements, you will become my perfect bride. We will marry and dad will set us up for life. But don't worry, y our ex will be well compensated for making you up as a girl tonight. Tonight we begin the rest of our lives. I cant wait to tell dad that his worthless son has a new girlfriend. I know he wanted grand children but I just cant stomach real women, so once we are married we can adopt. Welcome home Diane

Friday, 15 September 2017

Becoming the Woman of my Dreams !!

Although Harry had come out to his two best friends Kathy and Sharon about his wish to be a woman he was still very shy about taking things further. The girls decided that what Harry, or Harriet as they called him, needed was a pep talk to give him confidence purple lingerie and stockings. They invited Harry over for a private lingerie party and soon Harriet was dressed in an exquisite . The girls had made up Harriet's hair and helped her with her make up and she was feeling more feminine than ever before. Kathy and Sharon came to sit beside him on the couch each of the girls wearing a beautiful sexy lingerie outfit from Sharon's collection. With Kathy on one side and Sharon on the other the girls took Harriet by the hand and talked to her about the wonders of living as a woman."You see how good it is to feel feminine," Kathy asked. "You can be like that all the time Harriet, and we will be there to support you all the way."

"Of course Harriet," Sharon reassured him. "After all, we are your two best friends and we want what is best for you. We'll teach you everything you need to know to be the best girl ever!"
Harriet was nearly brought to tears and in his heart he knew that with the help of these two girls he would have the strength to become the woman of his dreams.