Thursday, 31 August 2017

Focus of Attention !!

Michelle looked down at her boyfriend Alan as he sat on the couch.
"Oops," she said but she couldn't quite stifle a chuckle.She had just tried a feminizing spell on Alan that she wanted to test. Alan hadn't been too keen on the idea but Michelle assured him it would be painless and reversible. She even promised to take him out shopping as a girl if he wanted. However, the spell worked far better than she expected. She had expected the spell to smooth Alan's features and give him a slightly more feminine look but instead it turned him into a sexy brunette with the largest chest Michelle had ever seen on a girl. "What have you done to me!" wailed Alan. "Change me back."
"Ahh, er, oh dear," Michelle said as she leafed through the spell book. "Oh, that's not right."
"What's going on? You said it would be a subtle change."
"Yes, I know, I think I used the wrong spell. It's your fault because you kept complaining beforehand and distracting me. I used the full-power feminizing spell."
"You did what! Change me back right now!"
"Well, er, that's the problem. I don't think I can. That's why I wanted to use the simple spell. This one lasts a bit longer. That's why the results were so, well, larger than life."
She quickly found him a floral bra and panties to wear and even lent him some stockings and heels for good measure. The panties fit fine but the bra was clearly inadequate.
Alan looked down at the large round protrusions on his chest in horror. They were straining at the bra and threatened to burst out at any moment.
"I can't go out like this. They look ridiculous."
Michelle had to admit to herself that Alan's body was bound to draw a lot of attention but she decided not to tell him that.
"Don't be so silly, they look fine. I'll give you a top and we can go out and buy you a bigger bra."
 Her expectations proved to be accurate. Everywhere they went Alan was the focus of unwanted attention but no matter how much he tried to slouch he couldn't hide his chest.
"You'll get used to it," Michelle comforted him, "lot of girls do..."

Sorority Revenge !!

Greg, Jason and Charlie thought that breaking into the girls' sorority house to fulfill their tasks in Pledge Week would be easy, and fun. In the end, it was neither.All they had to do was steal a pair of panties from each girl but they barely made it across the lobby before they were discovered and overpowered by over two dozen angry girls. At first they tried to stay silent about their mission but the girls quickly forced them to confess the truth by using a mixture of feminine wiles and brute force. Outraged, the girls removed every stitch of clothing from the freshmen and then dragged them off to the showers. There they set about removing every hair on their entire bodies using wax, and they weren't too gentle about how they did it. As each strip of wax tore off another patch of hair the college boys howled in pain and begged them to stop but the girls were having too much fun. Before long the boys were pleading for mercy but their tormentors kept going until they were as bare as can be. Then the girls forced them to wear panties telling them they could take the panties back if that's what they had come for.
Humiliated by their forced feminization the boys pleaded to be released from their ordeal. With the cold weather outside the girls agreed to let them wear t-shirts but would not let them have anything else. Before they sent them on their way the girls demanded that the boys dance in their panties for them while they videoed every moment. Charlie sobbed as he twisted and turned in front of the camera. He was wearing animal-print midi panties and had never felt so demoralized in his life. Everywhere he looked there were smirking girls taking pictures and commenting on his lost masculinity. Next to him Jason gyrated in a pair of black panties with a pink lace detail, tears streaming down his cheeks. His girlfriend was in the crowd and she was clearly enjoying every minute of it. Jason could tell by the look on her face that their relationship was over and once word of his feminizing humiliation got around the campus he would never find another girl to take him seriously.On the end of the line of boys Greg danced in a pair of frilly pink panties. His face was expressionless and it was impossible to read his emotions. As he thrust his butt out at the girls and swung his hips Greg couldn't deny that deep down inside this was the most fun he had ever had in his life...

Delicate and Graceful.

Tommy blinked back tears as he stared at the stern-looking women in front of him. He could feel his cheeks burning with shame at his predicament. He was wearing a ballerinas outfit complete with tutu and white tights. When he had first been sent to the correctional facility for his anti-social behavior he thought it would just be a few weeks of being told off and told to be a good boy in future. He hadn't been there more than three hours and they already had him sissified and dressed as girl dancer.
"Why do I have to do this?" he demanded.

"Because you must learn to be delicate and graceful before we let you back into the public," one of the women said. All three of them seemed to be smirking at him although they were very serious when the spoke to him. "Now, show us again how a butterfly walks."
"I shan't do it!" Tommy said angrily. "I'm not a girl."
"You will be by the time you leave..."

Seeing the Funny Side of Life !!

When Kevin's wife asked if he would swap bodies for a day, he really should've considered the logistics of being a woman first. Waking up as his wife had been a turn on for sure, but now that she'd gone to work he was left to figure out her body - and her clothes- for himself! It had taken him a full ten minutes to successfully puta bra on, and pulling his wife's slip on over his head had left the inner lining a scrunched up mess. He finally got it to drop into place by tugging at it repeatedly, and now he turned to see what was next.The dress had to be simple enough, surely? The blue satin slithered through his fingers as he picked it up but he soldiered on and, managing to get his body inside, he began to work his head towards the top. It did feel quite tight around his chest and shoulders, though... and as Kevin wriggled to get his head out he heard an ominous rip and froze in his tracks.Of course, it was at that moment that the dress decided to cooperate, suddenly sliding down onto his body without him moving a muscle. Looking down at the stretched material he reflected on the stupidity of his situation, only hoping that his wife would see the funny side once she got home...

Prom Tg Captions !!


Reed College's annual tradition of Prom Dress Rugby was a spectacle that Mike had enjoyed during his freshman year. But when he stood there watching from the side-lines, it never crossed his mind that he'd find himself competing in it a couple of years later! Not that it was unusual for boys to compete - in fact that was half the fun. But regardless of gender, the competitors usually had one thing in common - their enjoyment of rugby. Mike, however, hated rugby... and he wasn't particularly keen on wearing a dress either.So how did he get here, ball in hand and running for his life in a pretty blue prom dress? Like so many things that had happened to him in the past year, the reason was Melissa. His girlfriend often had strange fancies, deriving pleasure from humiliating him in any way she could. Her latest obsession had been to get him in public dressed as a girl - something she'd promised would turn her on immensely. When she realised that Prom Dress Rugby was mere weeks away, it had created a perfect storm. Her unfortunate boyfriend soon found himself bundled into fitting rooms to find a dress for the occasion.Mike grunted as he felt two powerful arms wrap around his stomach, pulling him to the ground in a mess of fabric and flailing limbs. After catching his breath he struggled to his feet, only to find that the studs from his tackler's boots had torn his dress to pieces. The whistle was blown and Mike stood there utterly humiliated, the tatters of the dress scarcely hiding the bra and panties he had on underneath.It was then that Melissa stepped forward from the crowd, grinning wickedly as she produced the bright pink dress that was to be his first backup. With no dignity left, Mike took the dress from her and changed on the spot. He only hoped that he wouldn't have to experience whatever she had in store if he were to tear this one too...


Sitting on the couch in his gorgeous black prom dress, Craig had never felt more alive. He shuffled his legs nervously as he waited for his girlfriend to arrive, enjoying the feel of the material against his freshly shaved legs.His girlfriend Jo had always been a bit of a tomboy, which made prom her idea of hell. She hated anything feminine and had a particular loathing for skirts and dresses - something Craig couldn't understand having secretly crossdressed since he was small! With Jo refusing to buy or even rent a dress for the occasion, it had looked at one stage as if the two of them might not go to the prom at all. But then one fateful night Craig had blurted out his secret, giving them both the chance to get what they really wanted.Jo would be showing up any minute now in her suit, and if anyone asked them why they had swapped roles they'd just say that Craig had lost a bet. After all, everyone knew that Jo hated dresses... but that didn't mean they had to know how much Craig loved them!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Love being a girl.

Hey, I feel strange... Disorientated, Steve tried to make sense of his situation. For some reason his mind was sluggish, and his memory seemed... hazy somehow. What was going on? The first thing to do, he decided, was to figure out where he was. From the breeze on his legs he could tell he was outside, and as he took in his surroundings he felt a sense of familiarity. There was a girl stood opposite him... was she his girlfriend? Ah! Yes, he remembered now. This was his girlfriend Jess' back garden.Now, what was he doing here? His girlfriend raised a camera and he instinctively pinched the side of his dress and turned his head to pose. Ahhh, so that's what they were doing - taking pictures! But wait... was he wearing a dress? He absently gazed downwards - yep, definitely a dress. Steve tried to remember when he started wearing dresses... weren't trousers normally more his thing? "Very nice... that dress really suits you!" Steve smiled at the compliment - the dress did suit him, and it showed off his legs perfectly. As he looked down at his sandals, though, he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong... but what? His nails were painted a pretty red, and the sandals looked great. They weren't uncomfortable or anything either - everything was perfect! But wait, wasn't this how girls normally dressed? Was he a girl? "Stephanie! What's wrong? Have you forgotten your lessons? Remember who you are!" Had she just called him Stephanie? Wait yes, that was it! Stephanie! Suddenly he felt thoughts rising unbidden from his subconscious: My name is Stephanie. I am a girl. I love being a girl. I want to look pretty for Jess...

Revenge is Sweet.

Kelly smiled slyly as she looked up from the book to her captive, Mike. His eyes were wide with fear as he stood before her, rooted to the spot by the magic she had just cast on him.The panic in his face reminded her of herself... back when he'd used this very book to turn her into what she was today. Once she had been Keith, and her and Mike had been good friends, but now... now it was time for revenge.Clothes were the first thing to change. With one quick spell his suit was replaced with the kind of skimpy dress he'd delighted in making her wear. She made him twirl and pose, and couldn't resist making him lift up the skirt to give her a flash of the panties he was wearing underneath.Now to change him physically, although Kelly was in no rush. In fact, she made sure to savour the moment,meticulously transforming him piece by piece so she could watch each individual change sink in. She started with long, bleach-blonde hair, then stood up to play with it, holding it up to his eyes and twisting it in her fingers. She paced around him as she made subsequent changes, stroking his arms as they became smooth and grabbing hold of the breasts that formed on his chest. When all was done she applied the lip gloss herself, slowly coating his lips as she stared triumphantly into his eyes.Kelly commanded him to go into the other room, where he was to stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at every aspect of his new appearance. As he left she took note of how clumsily he moved now, especially in the heels. Still, there'd be plenty of time to change that.Now... with 'Michelle' getting used to her new appearance, Kelly had all the time in the world to acquaint herself with the next section of the book - mind alteration!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Prom Queen.

Agreeing to live with his cousins and Aunt Lucy for a week was the worst decision Tom ever made.The nightmare started with Rachel and Emma teasing his 'girly' appearance, calling him Stacy whenever their aunt was out of earshot. Then they started asking him if he'd like to try some make-up or perhaps put on a skirt, which only made him squirm more with embarrassment.Last night they snuck into his room and painted his nails a pretty pink whilst he slept.Then, in the morning when he was showering in an attempt to remove it they'd run into the bathroom and stolen his clothes and the towels, leaving him only a single pair of blue cotton panties to put om When he emerged wearing them they grabbed him and pulled him into Emma's room, quickly fastening a matching strapless bra around his chest. "What the... AUNT LUCY! What the hell are you doing?" "Oh, she's not here I'm afraid.. said Rachel, pushing him onto the bed and pinning him down, "cute panties Stacy..."Ohhh yeah they are so and look! They'll match your prom dress perfectly!" Tom screamed as Emma held his legs together and slid the bunched-up dress over his feet. Rachel then hauled him upright and before he knew it the dress was being ruthlessly tightened around his chest."Oh, she's so pretty!" Rachel squeaked as Emma tied the final knots. The two girls stepped back to admire their handiwork as Tom frantically clawed at the dress in an attempt to pry it off. Failing to make it budge, he made a break for the door and ended up tripping over the lengthy skirt and right into the girl's arms. "Oh dear, the dress is a little long for she's going to need some heels!" Tom was shoved back onto the bed, landing in an explosion of blue chiffon as the poofy skirt flared out around him. A pair of sparkly blue heels were strapped onto his feet and tightened, and then to his horror he was sat up to have a long blonde wig placed - no, glued - onto his head! He desperately lashed out at the girls but they held him firmly whilst the glue set, occasionally playing with his skirt and giggling to themselves. When the two girls pulled him stumbling over to the vanity he gave his final effort of resistance. They only just managed to get him perched on the stool, with the vast skirt and his struggling making it impossible to sit him properly. When they tried to apply the make-up he wildly shook his head from side to side to stop them, whipping blonde hair everywhere and exhausting himself in the process. The girls soldiered on, though, and eventually they were able to make a start with some lip gloss. Once he could feel his lips being coated all of the fight went out of Tom. He stopped struggling entirely; allowing them to apply foundation, eye shadow and false lashes to complete his transformation."Well then! Its time for some pre-prom photos, don't you think?" Emma chirped,grabbing her camera. "Maybe if you pose for us real pretty we'll take all this stuff off before our mum gets back?" Defeated, Tom struggled to his feet and allowed the girls to smooth out the dress, adjust his wig and fashion him into a pose. And so he stood, hands on hips and smiling for the camera, with his Aunt due back any minute.

A Simple Bet.

Sharla kept eyeing the well displayed cleavage. How had it gone this far. It was totally crazy to imagine that the platinum blonde sitting with her at the table, happily displaying the large breasts was her husband. It started out easily enough. A simple dare, the suggestion of hypnosis tapes to make him feel more comfy and 4 small injections from her doctor friend and it would all be fun and they would look back at it and laugh about everything. The trip to her friends beauty shop, the shots in breasts and buttocks, and the ear pieces with the tapes, and all starting at 8 am. While Dave was in the shop, Sharla went shopping and thought how funny it would be once dave saw the pictures of him in the silver lame dress. Evidently the hair bleach to make his shoulder length hair platinum, had a negative reaction to the shots. When she came back instead of finding barely B cups that would easily go away in 24 hours, she found D cups swelling from the semi concious male. She watched in awe as the body kept changing. She talked with her friend the owner, but had no way of putting the bra she
bought on the new buxom blonde.
By 3 pm there was no way to contain the breasts and they just had to improvise. Once the hair and make up were done, they woke the sleeping male and as he began to awake, they used the trigger phrase, "Diane, pretty girl." You could see the confusion in her face for a few minutes but as the hypnosis took effect, her posture and carriage changed. She looked down and was confused as to why she had on male jockey shorts. His wife and the shop owner took the girl into the back dressing room and helped her dress in tiny thin panties, tucking her small male parts back so the panties fit well. the full found hips helped keep the panties tight. Try as they might, the dress fit perfectly expcept for the bust line. Frustrated the shop owner got a pair of scissors and cut the dress bodice away, little by little until it fit and the dress could be zipped up. Slipping her feet into some 5 inch strappy sandles, the 2 girls stood and walked towards the front door. The limo pulled up and 2 elegantly dressed males came out to escort the girls to dinner. Once the men saw the new Diane, they talked quietly until it was decided that Ken would escort the busty femme fatale. Robert took the arm of Sharla and they departed for their night out. Diane's hypnosis was spot on. She giggled at the dumest of jokes and lines that Ken plied her with. She snuggled into his arm rubbing her abundant breasts into his upper arm as she paid him the kind of attention a woman like her would. Sharla fumed in side as Robert tried to cheer her up. At dinner, Diane brazenly displayed her breasts wontonly. Sharla's small bust line could not compete and men kept coming to the table all night looking down her dress.
She heard men joking that they could see all the way to heaven. Finally fed up with what she had created, she whispered to Robert that perhaps they should leave Ken and Diane alone to spend the rest of the night together and she might just make Robert happy that he picked her as his escort. Robert beamed and whispered to Ken who also beamed. Sharla leaned into Diane and said "Robert and I are leaving sweetie have a good night with Ken. He is really a hunk. Oh by the way "Dave goes alone for the ride". If you were watching you would have seen the eyes shift slightly as Dave woke up inside the sensual body. But as he tried to say something, nothing happened. Diane still had complete control. He screamed, pondered but nothing happened. Diane kept flirting with Ken and rubbing on him like there was no tomorrow. Slow dancing, her full breasts rubbing his hard chest only enflamed the young man. As it neared 11 pm, Ken escorted Diane back out to the limo. as the door was closed and the privacy screen raised, Ken started to kiss the girl firmly, his large tongue deep in her mouth. She sucked with a hunger Ken had never experienced before. Her long tipped fingers found his tended crotch and began to rub it with a gusto. Ken would only whimper as she pulled him out. " Diane, please, we have all night. Robert is with your wife and we are not allowed home until 10 am, so lets use my penthouse loft and enjoy our night together.

2 New Captions !!

Winning Bid !!
You gentlemen are so sweet to pay me so much attention. Did you know that Sharla said you were all bidding on buying her company. That's why she held this party tonight. She spent 2 weeks fixing me up so you could all get a good look and think about how much the winning bid would enjoy me. Once the winner is decided, he and I will take off for a week to hawaii, during the time the papers will need to be drawn up. Just imagine, 7 days of warm sun, presidential suite at the royal hawaiian and me. I will be yours completely for the trip over in our company jet, and there will be no limits. She made sure that I had the best implants and that the tapes I heard re-enforced my submission to the man my wife identifies. So, who is ready to dance the night away before the bids are due tomorrow at noon? Who's first?

Church Rules
Father John has been specific. To read specified verses and be ready to repeat them back after evening services. Still confused over the need to wear white lace top stockings or black heels. Even the habit was strange. Head piece, more like a low cut sheath dress with a slit up the left side to the top of the thigh. Why was she given tight white lace panties and a matching bra? It made no sense. She went out the side entrance and sat outside the rectory and started to read. She had come into see Father John about her feelings inside about her desire to dress as a girl. His parents did not approve and sent him to see Father John to see if something could be done. Father John Beamed as the young male came in, explained the problems at home. He reached into the closet and pulled out this uniform and advised Dave to dress in this and go out and read verses. He also said that for any meetings they will have he will always dress like this and be called Diane. With a soft caress the now she was sent out to read. Father John had great plans. Imagine having his own novice Nun to work with him several hours a day. He wrote a note to Dave's parents explaining the need for Dave to come see him every day after school and 6 hours on Saturday. Sundays would be with family at services. Although Dave was confused a bit, he loved the feeling he had while Father John Helped him dress and how he felt when he hugged the girl as she was leaving. 

Christmas themed Captions !!

Samantha lied down on the beach to enjoy her annual christmas present.Since making a wish at an early age, Sam would wake as a girl every Christmas day, and so he had this one day per year to enjoy being female.Last year he'd bought an expensive dress and gone to a party, and found he'd had no shortage of attention from the men. It had surprised him just how much he'd enjoyed it... so this year he was upping the ante! If they liked me in a fancy dress, let's see how they like me in a bikini! Although it'll get cold later... maybe then I'll let a guy take me home with them or something. After all, Christmas is the season for giving right?!

God, this dress is fucking freezing! Where the hell is it taking me!? Mark desperately tried to fight as his feminized body marched against his will.His wife had been working on this dress for months, and on Christmas day she'd persuaded him to squeeze into it for a joke.The minute he'd put it on, though, he'd transformed into a chick and lost complete control of his body! His wife had simply smiled and waved as he marched out the door in matching red stilletos, and he still had no idea where he was headed.Once in the nearby park, though, things became clear. Mark silently screamed as he tattered onto the stage and turned to face the crowd. Then he grabbed the microphone and started to sing...

New Chef !!

The four girls sat around the table breathing in the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.
"It smells amazing Angie, what are we having?" asked Judy.
"Too true, you must be an amazing cook," added Mel.Angie just smiled at her three friends knowingly. She had invited them all around for dinner and was enjoying the compliments."It's not my cooking, it's my private chef's," she explained."You have a private chef?" Judy said, surprised."Well, I have Paul," Angie said with a mischievous smile."Paul knows how to cook?" asked Mel incredulously."Paul know all kinds of things now since I started practicing my hypnosis on him," Angie told them. "Just wait and see."A few moments later the door to the room opened and in walked Paul dressed as the sexiest chef the girls had ever seen. He was wearing a halter-neck top, a skirt so short none of the girls would have dared to wear and fishnets stockings over his perfect legs. On his head was a big chef's hat.The three visitor gasped in surprise."What on earth?" Mel managed to say. "I started hypnotizing him to help around the home and one thing led to another. I trained him to read every cook book and learn them thoroughly. Then I thought I would have some fun with him and trained him to be a girl too so that he would clean up after himself. The next thing I knew he was wearing my panties to I bought him this outfit and now I can't keep him out of the kitchen!"The girls applauded her ingenuity."Doesn't he mind?" Judy wanted to know as she eyed Paul's body as he served them some entree."Not any more, do you Paul?" Angie said. "You like being a chef"
"Oooh yes," squealed Paul in a girlie voice," I love it!" "When I wake him up he doesn't remember a thing," Angie whispered to the girls.As Paul headed back to the kitchen the girls took a good look at his smooth round bottom that was fully exposed in the short skirt and thong panties he was wearing.
"As you can see, he has delicious buns," Angie said and the girls roared their approval...

2 New Stories !!

Lovely Pianist

Barry ran his fingers over the keys and the music filled the club. He played with passion and finished with a flourish to loud applause. He smiled to himself as he stood up in his shimmering red evening gown to face the excited audience. Just a year ago he had been down and out. The only job he could get int the clubs and bars was washing dishes. Finally, he had enough. He set about feminizing his body using everything from full body waxing to hormones.
A year later when he walked into any of the top clubs and bars the owners were falling over themselves to hire this sexy female piano player.Barry bowed to the audience and gave them a plenty of cleavage to enjoy. Then he turned just enough to give them a good look at his shapely bottom. This was worth everything, he told himself, even if there was no way he could ever get a date with a woman now...

Getting Ready for a Date

Ok, check again. 4 inch heels, sheer stockings, smooth lotioned legs, painted toes, sexy black chemise with demi cups to show off your new b cup breasts. Make up done, hair perfect, fingernails painted and sexy. I guess I got it all right and I still have 15 minutes. I cant believe my wife set me up for this. She seems to know when to make bets with me and when she will win. How I lost I still don't know but the pay off is severe for me. She is in the other room getting ready her self. It seems that she has a new client at work and to secure the contract, she agreed to a double date with the client and her boss. I cant believe how pretty and sexy I look. I hope Ken does not get too frisky. She says he's nice and from out of town.
That little black dress is just so tight and short it wont hide too much. Why are my nipples so hard and my areolas so swollen. That dress will enflame them all night with the constant rubbing. I wonder if we are going out or staying in. She did not say. I dont know if I can even walk in these heels. Oh, HI honey. Yes, I did everything you asked. I just need to put on my dress. So are we staying in tonite? What? You and Robert are but Ken and I are going out? OMG. what do you mean you packed a bag. I, I .. I cant go with him with out you. What if he .. he finds out about.. you.. you know.. You mean you already told him at the meeting today? He is so happy that you are willing to give your husband to him for the weekend to get the contract signed? But, I am not gay. Yes baby I love you. Are you sure you want to be here with Robert alone all weekend? Please dont smile like that.....

Monday, 28 August 2017

Sleeping Beauty !!

Alan was thrilled when he realized he would have the whole afternoon alone at home with nothing to do but explore his sister's clothes cupboard. He started off by taking a long hot shower and then carefully waxed his legs, arms, armpits, and body. Feeling very smooth and girly he headed to Estelle's bedroom and began by reviewing her underwear drawer. He pulled out one pair of panties after another, trying on silk bikini panties, lacy thongs, and cotton midi underwear with pretty patterns that felt so cozy. After carefully selecting a pair of green silk tanga panties he found a matching lacy bra and set to work on Estelle's clothes cupboard.For hours on end he paraded around her bedroom in a dizzying display of dress and miniskirts, tight pants and leggings, soft tops and clinging bodies. At last he was exhausted and settled down on Estelle's bed to have a short nap. Before very long he was deep asleep and didn't even hear Estelle when she came home and into her room. Once she had recovered from her initial shock she set about taking some pictures of her sleeping brother as he lay on her bed in a revealing pale blue top and tight black shorts. She was going to send them to her friends but then she had a better idea. She opened up her laptop and logged on to her Skype account then invited all of her friends to a conference video call. When they were all online, she held up her computer with a flourish and listened to the gasps of surprise from the girls as they saw Alan. Then she gently began to call his name until he started to stir, making sure the girls could see everything that was going on..


I was, inexplicably, back in control completely and for the first time in a long while, I was alone in my head. For three years I have been held prisoner in my own boy while a vengeful spirit controlled my every action. It was as though I was in the passenger seat, having to watch every decision, every conversation and interaction without being able to do or say anything.
At first, as scary as it was, there seemed to be no malicious intent, however that all changed and fast. Soon I found my body being taken into therapy sessions and doctors appointments. My spirit claimed I was transgendered and wanted to become a woman. I watched helplessly as I started to take hormone supplements and testosterone blockers. Every day my body was changing before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
There was only one time where I regained control; shortly after I received "my" breast implants. When I woke up I found I had complete control as I reached up and felt my new chest. As I burst into tears, I felt the spirit regain control and I was back in the passengers seat. Needless too say, after the last and final surgery, the big one, the spirit made sure to maintain control.
But now I am alone. I could not help but cry. Three years of my life and my identity had been stolen from me, though to everyone else I had acted under my own free will. There were intact signed legal documents made by me tracking my transition. And yet, as upset as I was, I was relieved. Woman or not, I was finally able to live my life in the drivers seat.

True Love !!

"Josh, What's wrong," Chad said sitting up on the bed.. "Nothing," Josh said quietly, "Let's just slow down a bit. This is all happening really fast.Chad leaned forward and put his and on Josh's leg. "Okay, you are running the show here. I don t want to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing." Josh looked at his friend, butterflies forming in his stomach once again. "I don't understand you sometimes." Josh said, "The old you would have been loosing his mind about having a topless girl in his bed." Chad shrugged, "I guess I've never felt this way about a girl before." He said blushing a bit. ',is is the first time you have called me a girl." Josh said quietly, looking down at his new body. It was a mystery to everyone why Josh had turned into a woman. The doctors offered no help as all their tests showed that Josh, other than being a woman, was otherwise completely healthy. Worse though, than dealing with his new gender, was dealing with his new female mind. Chad had been there every step of the way during Josh, journey, and over the past few months, Josh has started to develop feelings for him. Romantic feelings. Its started off harmless, but overtime, Josh began to have urges to display his new body for Chad and began to crave his attention. For Chad as well, the feelings were mutual. he felt protective of Josh and wanted to hold him and never let go. After this understanding came to a head, the two entered into a romantic relationship. The young couple started off slow, but eventually a fire started to burn within them. "You don't have to do this." Chad said thoughtfully. Josh bit his lip, "I want to though." He said, realising how wet he was, "I really do. Just be gentle though." He added. As a man, Josh had not had sex,but even though he would be losing his virginity as a woman, Josh could not have asked for it to be under better circumstances.

2 New Captions !!

Simon's First Public Outing !!

Simon's first public outing as 'Fiona' had not gone well. He'd been sure he'd thought of everything - a cute yet practical outfit, a time when everyone was out... right down to the nice bag he'd decided to take with him.But in grabbing that bag before leaving he'd forgotten one important thing - his wallet! He was halfway down the street before he realised, so back home he'd hurried in order to retrieve it - after all, he'd need some money if he wanted to buy any clothes! There was another, far more important thing also in his wallet though... his house keys! 'Fiona' slumped down on the steps outside her house and waited for her parents to return home. Well, they had to find out sooner or later... right?


Molly sighed impatiently as she waited for Kyle to emerge from the changing rooms. It hadn't been like the stories at all - every step of his forced feminization had been an agonizing struggle. But at long last here they were, and any minute now he'd open a cubicle door wearing the dress she'd told him to try on.Yes, any minute now... jeez, how long does it take to put on a dress? Even a guy shouldn't be taking this long. Ugh... something's not right. Molly turned away from the cubicles and started walking around the store, keeping an eye out for a girl' with bleach blonde hair.It didn't take long to find him, failing to be inconspicuous in a rack of clothes whilst swinging a bottle of beer. The sad thing was he probably thought he was being extremely stealthy. "Where'd you get that?" she demanded, snatching the beer from his hand. "We're here to buy clothes, not beer! Go try some dresses on right now!" Dejected, 'Kylie' shuffled out from the rack and made her way to the changing rooms. Molly was determined not to give up until Kyle was a true girl. He had the looks, and definitely the stupidity, but it was looking like it would take a while if he was to have the wardrobe too...

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Best Christmas Present Ever !!

It had been a Christmas morning like no other. For as long as he could remember, Christmas had always been a disappointment for Chris; the well-intended presents just serving as a reminder that no one saw him for who he truly was. And to make things worse he'd sit there every year and watch as his sister unwrapped the sorts of presents he'd always dreamed of.Today, though, something had been different from the moment he'd gone downstairs. When his mother asked him to open his first present her voice faltered slightly, and there was a nervous atmosphere as his whole family leaned in to watch. Intrigued, he grabbed for the nearest present - a small, soft parcel that he expected to be a t-shirt - and tore the paper off in one motion.Chris' mouth went dry and his hands shook as he held up the skirt. Had he really just unwrapped a SKIRT?! He waited for his mum to intervene, to say it was actually intended for his sister,but everyone just sat motionless awaiting his reaction. And then he felt his eyes begin to water, and his sister raced over to embrace him.After a lot of crying and emotional discussion, Chris attacked the rest of his presents with a vigour he'd never had before. A pack of red tops, some bras and panties, there had even been a wig and a pair of heels. When all was unwrapped his sister grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs, where she spent over two hours transforming him from head to toe.And now 'Chrissy' stood by the tree, grinning from ear to ear and twirling in her new clothes. She'd received all the things a girl could dream of - clothes, make-up, a new pair of shoes... but what she really had was the greatest present of all — acceptance.

Magical Book on Ebay.

When Mike found the dress on eBay he struggled not to laugh at the description. A magic dress that would turn you into the girl of your dreams? Yeah, right.He'd read his fair share of poor TG fiction but this was unimaginative even by those standards. Setting aside the misguided description, though, it was a cute dress... and for $25, it was a steal.That was a week ago, and now Mike lay on his bed transformed from head to toe and savouring every moment. This definitely beat the two hours it normally took to make himself look passable... but what if he wanted to wear some of his other outfits? He'd have to find the seller and build up a wardrobe from them.Until then, Mike wondered if he could bring himself to take off the dress again. Maybe if I wore it under my other outfits...

Confidence !!

Ian sat in front of his computer looking at the screen and reading over the e-mail that he had written. It explained everything, his love of everything feminine, his need to be a woman, his decision to come out of the closet. He read it through again and again to see if there was anything he had missed. He had been through this so many times before and yet he could never bring himself to send the message.He got up from the chair and walked to the mirror enjoying the sound his heels made on the floor. The mirror was full-length and he stood in front of it for long minutes looking at himself. His eyes ran over the blonde wig that he was wearing and onto his face, lightly touched with make up. He looked quite beautiful he felt.
He looked further down at the plain black bra he was was wearing ver his perfectly smooth chest. He sighed at his small bust but reminded himself that the hormones he had started taking were working nicely. His gaze traveled down his smooth tummy to the lacy black panties he was wearing. He smiled at how nicely they fit on him, showing almost no sign of his tucked manhood. Below the panties were a pair of sheer black stockings that ended in the black high heels. Ian sighed again as he looked at the girl in the mirror, at Ilene, as he called his feminine self. He as he looked he felt his confidence grow. There was no point in denying it any longer. Ilene was the girl who really existed and Ian was just a cover.
Ian took a deep breath but it was Ilene who looked herself in the eye. He thought back on the e-mail and tried to picture how his girlfriends would look when they read it. He smiled at what his sister would say. She had always teased him that he was such a girl. Ilene turned and walked back to the computer and she didn't hesitate to press 'send'.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Latest Experiment !!

I gave myself one final look-over in the mirror before finally conceding to the fact that I was ready to go out. My hair was tied up perfectly, my makeup, though minimal, was applied correctly, and my simple outfit was elegant enough for the ceremony tonight.You see, last week I wasn't the woman pictured here. No, I was her 17 year old son. My name was Barry, and I was a pretty average kid. Good grades, good friends, you know the drill. My father, as cliche as this is going to sound, was a director at a top-secret research and development firm that happened to be experimenting in mind transference. He had contributed the majority of the knowledge behind the project, and therefore felt the most obligated to test it And so, he decided to volunteer myself and my mother, Stephanie, for the research. His plan was to study the machine's physical and mental side effects of switching a 17 year old male and his 43 year old mother.The switch didn't last long. It involved two needles attached by a wire that were inserted into the backs of mine and my mother's necks. She was just as apprehensive as I was about this, but the monetary reward for its success was just too worthwhile. My dad had to do a bit of custom programming to get it operational for us, but once it was set up there was a bright flash and we suddenly found ourselves switched.The foreign sensations of my new body were impossible to describe. Immediately I felt the weight of my mother's breasts on my chest, the tickling of her hair on my new shoulders, and more importantly the absence of a penis between my legs. However, those weren't the only changes.] already seemed to be picking up on my mother's mannerisms, as my first reaction was to cover my mouth with my manicured, slim hands- a reaction that my mother typically had whenever something shocking just occurred. As I stood up from my seat and took my first few steps, everything just seemed... natural. My hips swayed in an unfamiliar way, and I felt my bra straps resting on my shoulders. Fortunately she was wearing pretty normal clothes, just some jeans and a sweater.For the rest of the week we took on each other's roles. My mother went to school in my body and was able to succeed, using my former knowledge, as I went to work as her. Her joh was a basic secretarial job at a tech firm, no it was nothing I couldn't handle (though perhaps it was my new brain telling me that). The most difficult part was the dress code. I was required to wear a skirt, pantyhose, and heels every day. While walking in heels proved not to be an issue, the unfamiliar feeling of her clothes was what got me. My mother was a very petite woman, yet being able to fit into her tiny clothes was just too bizarre. Not only that, but the sensations of her hosiery on my smooth legs making contact with her skirt was impossible not to focus on. Yet, I dealt with.Now finally we made it to the end of the week. Tonight I'm getting myself ready for a formal ceremony, because my hus... my father will be showing off the results of the test I don't believe anything unusual should show up though.I don't think it's effected my mentality too much. What I'm excited for is seeing my..... my hus...... my husband dressed in his suit. He looks no damn handsome, and the best part is what's undemeath those slacks. ] made sure to shave down yonder, I know how he likes it when it's nice and smooth. I just hope Barry's ready soon. I know he hates going to these dinners, but it's important for him to support his father like this. After all, one of these days, he may even get to he part of one of his fathers tests! Who knows?

Couples Therapy

As I walked from the parking lot into the office that my wife, Amy, worked in, I read over her text one last time. She had written me very specific instructions on how to do everything at her job. It was basic secretarial work, so most of it involved smiling and having a friendly attitude in person and over the phone. It was a big change from the hard labor my actual body was adjusted to
You see, Amy and I were having troubles in our relationship. ] felt she had a simple job that really didn't bring in much money, yet she seemed to spend most of it on shopping for herself instead of her student loans or the bills we had to pay. I, on the other hand, worked long days in my construction job and brought in most of our income, yet I tried to be a bit more fiscally responsible.
So things were tough between us, but we still loved each other and didn't want it to end. So we decided to try some radical new form of couples therapy which, come to find out, actually involved us swapping bodies for a week to get a better understanding of each other's lives. So now here I am, wearing a nice dress of hers, some nude pantyhose (which felt absolutely strange might I add), and a cute pair of flats.] never thought I'd ever describe anything I was wearing as cute but in this form... it just seemed kind of right. ] just hope things are going well on her end. The last thing I need is to rush out of work to go pick Amy up at the hospital. Besides, stopping at the mall after work didn't seem like such a had idea!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Punishment For Stealing !!

Carl and Martin were a couple of High School drop-outs who couldn't hold a job between them, but if there was one thing that they were good at it was stealing. The two teenagers knew how to choose their targets, and today was their most ambitious job to date. They had chosen thehome of a rich high-flying woman who was out of town for the weekend, and at first things were going smoothly. The house had a strange feel to it though - there was a distinct smell of perfume wherever they went, and the rich gowns and expensive jewellery all seemed somehow... alive. Carl found himself drawn to some necklaces on show on the bedside table. They looked ordinary enough, but as Carl got near enough to snag them he felt a sudden and irresistible urge to try them on. As he attached them around the back of his neck he felt a surge of energy shudder through him, and all at once his body and mind became corrupted by evil thoughts. Martin was having a similar experience with some white satin gloves, and before they knew it the two teenagers were completely transformed into wicked pung women full of lust and a desire for
power.Suddenly stealing seemed a juvenile exercise. The two women forgot about any electrical goods and plundered the dresses, jewellery and make-up they were going to need instead. Where two teenage boys with no prospects had entered, two sexy women strutted out with the world at their heels. Martina held up her pocket mirror for the two women to admire themselves. Was this how the original owner rose to power in the first place? One thing was for sure... looking like this, the two girls would never need to steal again!

New Girl in School !!

Zachary had a problem. He looked alot like a girl, he didn't like that. Everyday, he would arrive at school just to be harrassed by everybody there. Children would point and laugh, making jokes behind his back as he walked down the halls. Teachers would crack ocasional jokes about him. Even some of his friends would join in! Sometimes the teachers would even mistake him as a new female student. He never liked the routine since last year. 
After his average day at school, he thought about it for a long, hard time. "Why?" He asked, "Why do I look like this? Was I supposed to be a girl?" Thoughts that buzzed through his mind like angry wasps. The sky was painted a dark orange as the sun began to set. He arrived at his house only to be greeted by his loving parents. "Mom, Dad?" He sat down on the couch. "Yes, dear?" His mom answered back. "Do you think I look... feminine?" His dad looked at him strange. "What are you talking about?" "I mean, look at me." He gestured at his body. "I look like a girl!" His dad focused hard. "N000pe... I can't see it." "Mom?" His mom looked at him. "I don't see it either." "Look at this though! Slender arms, delicate hands, gentle face!?" His parents looked at him weird. "AHH! I can't deal with this right now! Can I take a walk near the lake?" His mom nodded and returned to the kitchen where she would prepare dinner. He left the house with no further words. "I honestly hate to lie to him, honey." His mom spoke from behind the counter. "Well, it's best not to hurt his feelings. It's bad enough that he's bullied at school." "Mmm..." His mom hummed in agreement. 
Zach was walking near one of the famous lakes known for its legend. People have said that a young girl had died here, murdered by her parents because they never wanted a daughter. No one cared for her death, they left her body without caring. However, it's also said that the spirit may come to haunt those who slander her. But she may also grant a wish for those who respect her death, feeling the pain and sorrow. Sadly, the people today don't even care about her; they just tell the said legend to other people just for the kicks and giggles. "No respect..." Zach said to himself and to the said spirit as well. "Not only do I get harrassed, every single day , the poor girl herself has no pity. People just say 'Oh, well that was just a stupid little girl' or something silly..." Zach was kicking a rock near the water's edge when suddenly he lost his balance and fell into the lake. 
"Ugh!" He moaned in anger and annoyance. "As if today wasn't bad already..." He looked down at himself, drenched in water. He stood up with the water knee deep. "Not that deep, but still I'm wet!" He flicked the water off. Soon after, he noticed the moon in the water. He looked up at the night sky, "Wow, night already?" He shrugged and was about to go back to shore when he noticed his reflection in the water. "What the...?" His hair was longer, down to his shoulders. He noticed that his hair was beginning to turn red. "How..." He was about to touch it when he noticed his hand and his arm. "What?" It appeared to be more shaply, more... delicate than before. As well as his arm, his hand looked like it had gotten a... manicure? "I'm confused!" He cried, "I don't know what's going on!" That's when a tightness began at the bottom of of his legs. 
"What?..." He tried to see past the clear water, but only saw the moon in the night sky. Soon enough, he could see that the tighness was his jeans. "Wow, who knew water would be bad for pants..." He thought, but was soon interrupted by the cloth that soon crept up his legs. Slowly but surely, his pants were steadily rising up, tightening their grip. As he watched his pants climb up, he took noticed of his shirt. His shirt was beginning to merge at the waist line of his pants. Melting, fusing together to make one, the tightness that was on his legs were now building on his shirt. "Ahh..." He whispered in pain, feeling the tiny threads of both his pants and his shirt, turn into what appeared to the material made for bathing suits. "This... This hurts..." He uttered out, hearing a faint climb in his voice. He couldn't determine wether it was fear or it was in his head. After about 3 minutes of pain, he could see that his pants were gone now and there, was his legs. "Oh my..." He said. His legs were smooth and soft. "They... these... what?" He had so many questions, but those were soon gone as pain re-entered his mind. 
His shoulders felt extremely sore, as if he had weight lifted a full 3 hours without stopping. He looked back down at his changing clothing, which was now the basic outline of a 1 piece bathing suit, and took notice of it quickly. "How is this even possible?!" He questioned, hearing his voice climb higher. He looked at his shoulders, finding the sleeves creep up his arms. He could see the outline of his shoulders in the tight cloth of his bathing suit. Slowly, they rounded off as a gentle edge ran across his skin. The shifting brought Zachary a feeling of relief, relaxation as it happened. He closed his eyes and took in the moment. Sadly, however, his emotion was taken away from him as the pain came back and hit him like a baseball bat hitting a baseball. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He heard cracking and snapping. Loud cracking and snapping. "OH!" He moaned in pain. He could feel his spine re-arrange itself. His bones snapped themselves in a position that was only female. Then, his collar bone snapped and dipped downward, revealing to himself a feminine chest plate. 
As his sleeves reached the top of his shoulders, which snapped and replaced it with nice straps, he could see the rest of the damage that had been done. His arms were more slender, more gentler as well. "Why?" He cried, still feeling the pain in his shoulders. His bathin suit soon felt tighter as he could feel his butt push outwards. Suddenly, he felt a sudden jerk in his hips, a pull in his groin. "Ow!" He exclaimed, feeling the small amount of pain that exited his crotch. He looked down, only to find a bulge that stuck out of the bathing suit. Soon enough, it began to retread inside his body. His eyes opened with amazment, astonishment; what could he do? "My... my..." He uttered out, feeling his penis seep into his body. "NO!" He shouted, hearing his voice well out of male range. He attempted to grab the shrinking bulge, but no completion was established to do so. Instead, he just sat there and watched it dissapear, tearing a bit at the same time. Technically a girl, Zachary could feel butterflies in his stomach. Muscles were churning and intestines shifting. He could feel a tight pinch in his groin. "Eep!" He squeaked, feeling the small pain. He cupped his hands over his groin and he could feel the pinch getting tighter. "Oh my gosh!" He cried, the pain was getting worse. Then, all of a sudden, the pinch released itself, ripping the skin down below in half and clamping itself together as a vagina had now taken over. Just as he thought it was all over, he could see beneath his bathing suit that his chest was expanding. "What the...?" He questioned, placing a hand over a bosom. He could feel it inflate, like a balloon being blown up. Soon enough, he began to hyperventalate. He panted harder than he did when he ran a full mile. "This... is.... OH!" He couldn't finish his sentance, the pain was too much for him. As he was about to scream, a huge sigh of relief flushed over him. He sighed, finally relieved of the pain. 
Zoey stood there; in the water, in a bathing suit and... a girl. She looked down again to examine herself. "Why..." She questioned in a shy, innocent voice. "Why did this happen?" She ran a hand along the side of her body, admiring the shapliness and gentle skin that was now hers. Still examining herself, she heard a faint voice in the wind that blew, "You're welcome..." She quickly covered herself up, attempting to save some embarrasment. "No one..." She thought. She looked over the lake and smiled. The next day, when she went to school; she got so much attention, so much respect than when she was Zachary. She smiled and thought inside, "I could get used to this..." Zoey turned the corner to her 1st period classroom, "Hi, I'm Zoey. I'm supposed to be in here?"