Monday, 31 July 2017

Sexy Dare !!

"Come on Suzie, we're going to be late!" Suzie, formerly Jason, had let his wife convince him to wear this flowery dress as a dare. As soon as he squeezed into it, though, he felt his entire body changing. Needless to say it fitted him perfectly now! He hopelessly pressed against the mirror, willing his body to change back. He felt his body wheel around as "Suzie" took over and marched him to the front door against his will.

Sexy Pink Dress !!

Rory awoke to a shock as he looked down at what he was wearing. It seemed just moments ago that he'd been trying to force his wife to wear a sexy pink dress he'd picked up on the way home. Now, though, the tables had turned. Rory had no idea where he was, or how he'd ended up like this. Not knowing what to do, and not yet having regained full strength, he tugged weakly at the ribbon around his breasts. Just then, someone walked in. "Ah Alice, you're awake. If you'd kindly turn around you'll be able to see just how stunning we've made you. I hope you're pleased with the results - your wife certainly was!"

Not alone anymore !!

I'm not coming out until you promise to change me back!" Claire was tired of spending her evenings alone while her boyfriend went out and played baseball. When he'd cancelled their dinner reservations to show up to practice, she finally decided enough was enough. She asked him to come over to talk to her and made the preparations. Brett had shown up at his girlfriend's apartment as instructed, wearing his baseball gear ready for practice. As soon as he stepped into the apartment, though, he could feel something was wrong. As he looked down he watched in horror as his baseball jersey absorbed his pants and morphed into a stripy yellow dress. His hair grew out beneath his cap and fell to his shoulders, and breasts formed to complete his new female body. Panicked, he had run into the bathroom and shut the door. What had she done to him? Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he became worried as he started to feel quite natural. He had to concentrate hard to stop himself admiring his reflection. "Now, if you don't come out of there there's no way I'm turning you back. We still have our dinner reservation and I think it would do you some good to see things from a woman's perspective for a change. Of course, we'll have to find you something more appropriate to wear..." Brett stood up and had to stifle a giggle as the dress dropped playfully about his knees. He nervously opened the door and peeked out. Why did this all feel so... normal? "No no, I don't want to wear anything else. What!? Well, what I mean to say is... um, I quite like what I'm wearing? No wait, that's not right. But don't you think I look kinda... cute?" Claire smiled as he helplessly tried to hold onto his masculinity. "Say, if it's not too much bother... could you take me shopping tomorrow? I feel like I really need some skirts and dresses... ooh, and shoes - strappy heels and sandals! Oh and can I have my nails done, and..." She took him by the hand and led him to the door. It was going to be fun spending time with her new girlfriend - she couldn't wait to introduce her to all the other girls; and helping her land a guy from the baseball team was going to be a hoot!

Revenge for Cheating

Lonny was still a bit dazed and groggy as Gail spoke to him telling him their dates were here.Gail had forced this on him as a condition that she will not divorce him and kick him out. Lonny had gotten used to not working and being a man of leisure so he agreed without a fight.Gail wanted revenge on him for cheating on her. She had given him a mild seditive before the salon people got started with the waxing. Gail also put some headphones on him with soothing music and that's the last he remembers. Now his body is completely hairless, he has small breast that will grow as the hormone implant kicks in and of course the hair extentions and new red color. He can barely remember Gail helping him to get dressed and explaining that his name would now be Lacy.She smiled when she saw the slow nod of his head indicating the programing was active.It's amazing what you can get people to do.The custom made programing she had him listening for the past 48 hours was guaranteed to work.She'll have a girlfriend from now on who'll do anything she's told.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Being a Girl just feels right !!

Isaac leaned against the wall outside the closed salon his mother owned until his breathing calmed down. He had just been looking at himself in all the mirrors inside and had to get out of there. Isaac wasn't a bad kid, in fact he was well liked for the most part. He just couldn't seem to stay out of fights, depite his small size.The last one seven months ago had ended in a broken nose and suspention from school.His mother had already decided what she'd doand started the hormones and blockers.She waited until he came to her to complain about the swelling on his chest. This morning she took him into her salon and had everything ready. She'd lost his dad to a bar fight and wasn't about to let it happen to him. She'd been calling him Izabella as she worked on him and as strange as it was the name sounded right to him.Maybe she was right, this is who he really should have been? He somehow knew he'd have no reason to prove himself now. He didn't know he could be so pretty. He'd better go back inside before mom gets worried.Izabella is a girl now and being a girl just feels right.

Don't mess with your sister !!

Josh had been sent off to live with his stepmom's sister Vicky after he'd blown up at her after his fathers funeral calling her a golddigging bitch.Catherine had told him we'll see who's the bitch Josh. lt's been nearly two years and Vicky has finally let him come back home. She's sure there will be no more outburst from Jocelyn now that her sister has worked her own form of magic on him.Vicky did tell her that he'd been one of her toughest converts and that he still hangs on to a little of his male self image. He'd even cut his hair short when he heard he'd be going home. She said Catherine will have to make sure it's not encouraged in any way or she may have to fund her back for further treatment. Catherine had spread the cover story about Josh's absense that he'd always wanted to be a girl but had surpressed it knowing her father would never accept her as such. She had no such predjudices however. She invited Josh's friend Damell over the first day Jocelyn was home as the two were close friends and played baseball on two teams together. At best she knew he'd help spread the word about the change to all their friends.Jocelyn had wanted to wear something else for this first meeting but Catherine said you're a girl now and girls should dress to impress dear. She's just called Jocelyn in with the announcment that your friend Damell is here to see you honey. Jocelyn stepped in from the balcony to see the now handsome Darnell's familiar smile. He's become a lot larger than when she left and she didn't remember him being so cute. She's shocked seeing the big bulge growing in his jeans at the sight of her and she couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from it. As much as she tried to stop it she was aroused.Catherine saw her reaction and smiled knowing the subliminal programing had taken. She left to let them get reacquainted knowing her stepdaughter's here to stay.

Troublemaker Son to Cute Daughter.

It's been months since Austin's mother Patricia declared he was ready to come to work in her office as her daughter Ashley.She finally had enough of bailing him out of trouble and her futile attempts to keep him away from that group of like minded boys had bore no real results. With no real skills and no desire to go to college she knew it was only a matter of time before he'd get into some kind of serious trouble, She started off with a cocktail of blockers and hormones that she slipped into his drinks and food. These along with some CD's, she'd ordered from the same website soon had him calmed down and within months showing signs of feminine leanings. She waited until she saw evidence of him going through her things and timed her arrival at home during the day to catch him. He was devastated when she caught him in her dress, stockings and heels as he didn't understand what was driving him to dress up but he couldn't seem to help himself. Patricia didn't get angry as he'd thought she would and calmly talked to him promising to help.She explained that maybe his old behavior was away of trying to deny this side of himself.After a lot of shopping and makeup lessons she took him out to her salon to get his hair done and told him that she would one day have Ashley come to work with her. Now as she watches Ashley as she checks out the water delivery guy she's not
sure if she's created a new set of problems.At least she won't have to worry about pregnancy.

Thomas is dead..Angela is born !!

Thomas stood in front of the mirror checking out
his image admiring how he looked in the dress.
A small part of his mind was screaming for him to stop this and think about escape, He was aware that the small corner of sanity in his head was growing smaller every day. He has no idea how long he's been here. When he gave up trying to keep count he was sure at least a year had gone by.It seems twice the time has passed since. That corner of his mind was close to losing hope that he'd ever be Thomas again. He now had started to answer to Angela, the name they called this person he'd become. The surgeries, all the training, the daily doses of drugs and hormones have each taken their toll. Little by little Angela has become who they've been molding her to be.She still has no idea for what purpose or who's behind it any more than she did when Thomas was first kidnapped and bought here. All she knows  is that the entire complex must be under ground.Thomas learned that much back when he was still bent on trying to escape.She has since given up on that Idea and become a model prisoner, thus the dress, stockings,shoes lingerie and all the other girly stuff she now enjoys.Her cooperation is almost automatic now and she looks forward to the times when her captors use her sexually as part of her training.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mark is now Marcia !!

Mark looked at his aunt with a bit of confusion as she said I think it's time we both stop acting as if you're still my nephew and start behaving like you're what you really are don't you? A small bit of his mind was screaming at him to tell her she's crazy but it was as if it was miles away and he could hardly hear it.As Evelyn smiled at her nephew she could see the confusion behind his stare.It's taken her more than a year to get him to this point but it's now time to drive the whole process home. She was well prepared before he even arrived and had started the first day on the way home from the airport. He probably never noticed the subtle difference in his treatment. Everything was done in a very slow methodical way to work in conjunction with the programing CD's she kept playing throughout the house during the day and the special ones she played to be heard in his room while he slept. He was wearing panties now every day with no notice that he was doing it. The undergarmets and even most of his clothes have been slowly changed out to the point that he now walks around the house like he is now wearing panties, an extra long shirt and now even a training bra to support his blossoming breast.This is the point where besides the hair care Marcia has to start to learn makeup skills and begin wearing skirts and dresses. The introduction of her new name, Marcia is critical at this point. She'll soon forget that she was ever Mark, except in the hazy corners of her memory, she'll soon be beautiful and that's all that she'll be focused on.

Strong Macho guy to sweet submissive Girl.

Lonny turned to look at his sister Genna and saidas he put his hand on his hip, just because you put me in this long haired wig and a dress don't think for a minute that some body will mistake me for a girl. Genna almost laughed right in his face as she looked at her macho younger brother. She didn't want to risk pissing him off before they got to her friend Rhonda's house. Today was the day Rhonda would bring him out of the post hypnotic trance he's been in for nearly the past year. All of her friends would be there, the same girls who were there when Lonny had boasted that he didn't believe in all that hypnosis crap and he couldn't be hypnotized, Rhonda said she could do it and and they made a bet. If he loses he'd have to be her servant for a year. If she lost the same would apply, Rhonda owed him some pay back for trying to take advantage of her when she came home drunk from a night at the club. Genna had followed her instructions and helped him to get ready today. The wig, dress and shoes were all brought over a month ago by Rhonda. They were just the finishing touches to Lonny's self feminization. He'd gone out the next day after he was hypnotized and gotten started. The hormone shots have worked wonders,compliments of the sypathetic doctor Rhonda suggested he see. He's even got some healthy A cups in the padded bra he put on before they left. Genna will be glad to have a sister as her brother was a jerk just like their dad before mom divorced him. Lori will soon wake up to her new life as Rhonda's girtfriend.

Submit to Feminization !!

Do not cry dear, soon you will get used to this life. Back ways are not present. Now you the same woman as me - look at your womanly face, your big breast, your wide hips and between legs at you now it is smooth as at each woman. Any menswear will not hide your figure. And your future husband wants, that you always weared only lady's wear - a dress, a skirt, stockings, heels, lacy lingerie.

- My husband?

 - Yes, certainly! You waited with a marriage and a life in a marriage. Your destiny - to be a wife, housewife and mother!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Turned into a hot Milf !!

I love my now soft, curvy hairless body. I feel naked without my trusty bras and panties and you with never catch me leaving the house with out doing my hair or make up.

Some how I have gone from being your average man to being a pretty woman, wife and mother.

I have even heard a few of the men I run into refer to me as a MILF which makes me blush.

Hormonal Imbalance !!

I am still amazed at the turn of events in my life. A year ago I was a normal man and now due to my body suffering what you might call a hormone imbalance I now life and work as a woman, wife and mother. Which has taken a bit of getting used too.

But now I am proud of how I have adjusted to living as a woman and even get a thrill when I dress up all sexy for my husband like I have done today.

Waiting for my boyfriend !!

This is something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be doing now posed on the sofa waiting for my boyfriend all dolled up in new stockings, garter belt, a sexy girdle after spending the day at the salon getting prettied and pampered.I was forced into this by my best friend who is now my boyfriend.Soon I got used to being his girlfriend and now I can't wait to romance him once he comes back from work.

Perfect little housewife !!

You'll become the perfect little housewife for real now, cooking,keeping house and only doing the most feminine and ladylike things.And Steve is going to be there to make sure you 'feel' like a lady at
all times too. You'll be moving into the master bedroom and in addition to your household duties you'll start doing your wifely duties as a proper wife should. But just in case you start getting 'boy' thoughts or feelings ever again he'll have you in his bedroom in a pretty nightie and some nylons and high heels with those pretty legs of yours up in the air working your new little slit, stretching you nice and tight to make sure you know your new station in life! Making sure your mind is right and only filled with girly thoughts! You're going to forget what it was even like to pee standing up!"

Meeting my friend for the first time as a girl !!

Well what do you think I ask my good friend as he looks over my now feminine body.
I don't know what to say. I am shocked that someone I have known for years as a man now appears to be a woman.
I know isn't it great I giggle as I sit down and pull on my stockings and effortlessly step into my heels and half slip before stepping in to my dress as I turn and ask my good friend to zip me up with a shy girlish look.
You are so natural I can't even see any of my old friend he says as he looks me over from head to toe.
That is good I say softly as I step closer to him and look up into his manly eyes with my now feminine ones as I caress his cheek with my manicured hand before I lean in closer and kiss him on the lips. At first he does not respond but then he does slowly at first but then with more passion as I feel him grow hard as he presses up against me. Now we can be much more that just friends I say softly into his ear.
We can be lovers he says as he embraces me in his manly arms.

Woke up as a Girl !!

I found my purse and found out I am woman named Elena and looking at my date book I have a lunch date with my boyfriend Paul and then a meeting with my Daddy to talk about my upcoming wedding.
Paul arrived on time and greeted me with a deep wet kiss.
One thing led to another and we started making out
Later I showered,got dressed and met with my loving father to go over the plans for my wedding with Paul.
All in all I think I am going to love my new life so I locked up the gold ring in my safe and went to me my husband to be for dinner and hopefully another round of lovemaking.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Girly Girl !!

It is amazing the things that can change in the course of six months.

You see I used to be a man. The world now sees and treats me as a woman. Which has caused me to act like one too.

So here I sit with my dress hiked up showing off my prettty panties up on the counter at work because I saw a mouse scamper across the break room floor. Hopefully my husband will come soon and help me.

Since now with my boobs, hair and curves I have become a totally girl girl and I wouldn't change a thing.

Happy and feminine !!

Since I started wearing skirts and dresses all the time, I decided to indulge in my love of vintage clothing. The styles of the 40s and 50s wear just so much more classic and feminine, but also ladylike and modest. I’ve found that for a real vintage look, you have to wear vintage foundation garments. This means girdles! I wear an open bottom girdle daily. They are gartered, of course and you have to wear stockings attached to keep the girdle from riding up. Besides, vintage fully fashioned stockings are the ultimate in classy, beautiful hosiery. I just feel more comfortable in skirts and stockings than jeans and tennis shoes. Besides, I think going out barelegged is just, well kinda disreputable and unladylike. Obviously stockings and garters are the only way to go and wearing them makes me feel so girlish and feminine. Really, every lady should try them… I’m a happy girl since I did and now where them all the time.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hypnotized and Married !!

One cold winter night my elder friend Ron was trying to hypnotize me. I said it would never work. Little did I know. "Honey it is time to wake up. I want you to see the changes you and I made. I think you are going to love what you see because I know that I do." As my friend extends a hand to help me up. I look down and see two lovely manicured feminine hands where there should only be one. Then I look further down past what seems to be my swelling breasts. I can feel that they are encased in a dainty silk and lace bra. I smile as I remember buying it and it's matching black panty. I also remember putting them on this morning and how sensuous the felt as I put them on. After I finish my thought about my lingerie I see that I have on a cute dress that I bought on sale, brown stockings and a darling pair of heels that make my legs look oh so sexy. As I stand there I can smell my perfume and my make up as I look into the mirror at the woman I have become. "Honey I can't believe what I see. Is that is me? I look so," "Yes you can say the word honey." "Feminine." "I know honey. When I put you under and asked you what was your deepest desire was you said you wanted to be a weak soft woman, obedient wife, housewife and mother. and that you felt cheated since you had to live you life as a man. Well honey that was six months ago and what you see before you is what I accomplished." I started to cry as I hugged my friend Ron. "This is so special I don't know how I can ever pay you back." "You don't have to." He said as he held me tight and patted my head. "But you do have to promise me that we will always be together as husband and wife." Oh honey I do now more than ever. Two months later we were married.

A Woman Now !!

The doctors at first thought my body would adjust and I could return to my old life as a man but they were wrong. All my body did was continue to get shorter, softer, and curvier. I have a body most women would kill for and one most men would give anything to sleep with. It has taken me some time but I am now a fully adjusted member of the female race and as my mom put it I can even become a parent but only as a mother since I have a period once a month just like her and my sister.

turned into a Housewife !!

I used to be a man. But Steve kidnaped me and turned me into a woman, his woman. I' m Mrs Elena Merx now and was married to Steven for 6 months now. Now I am - a full-time housewife, caring for his two children from his first marriage. Their mother died, and we succeed so well that I sometimes feel like I have - their mother now. Stephen - it is far much of the case, but whenever he returns the first thing he does - take me to the bed and give really good service! He is so impulsive like that. I never wear any pants. I wear only dresses and skirts with stockings so that he could push me in as soon as he wants me, he always does!

Boss Turned me into a Girl !!

A few minutes ago in the ladies room, I spoke with my ex-girlfriend Catherine. Of course she did not recognize me. After 10 years have passed and my life during that time has changed dramatically. Now I am a married 30 year-old woman. Housewife and mother of two children. Then I was a young man and was going to marry Catherine. But my boss stole my strength and made me into a woman. But I did not say to Catherine, of course. In the ladies' room, she asked me why I wear stockings, because it's summer, it's hot. I told her that wearing stockings because it is always like my husband. She told me, she had a boyfriend, who was also forced her to wear stockings and dresses always, but 10 years ago, he disappeared.

Get back on your Husband !!

When Max told his father he wanted to become a lumberjack like his old man, his father gave him some advice. "Son, when things are at their worse, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get up on course." But after the redwood crushed his body, the doctor has implanted his brain into unknown female donor. So Helen had decided, the worst had happened. Only now, as a woman, she'd just have to pick her self up by her garter straps and get back on her husband.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I was born to be a Woman !!

It has only been one year since my friend Steve talked me into trying life out as a woman but in that time my life is not totally different. At first it felt odd and I wasn't too sure about it but now I feel totally at home in a dress with stockings and a bra and panty on and I would dream of leaving the house before doing my hair and putting on a touch of make up. My now husband Steve was right I was made for a woman's life.

Hypnotized !!

I need to stop listening to the dam tapes my friend Steve made for me. They are doing odd things to me. I used to be a manly man but now look at me! I can easily pass as a pretty woman. What with my made up face smooth nylon clad legs and the rest of my now soft hairless body. But I now can't help myself. I want to be Steve's wife. He has grown to love the new me from head to toe.

Time to date a Man !!

"You know, a good way to meet men these days is to join an online dating service." said me my Aunt Margaret.
" There are even some free ones that are pretty good, but the best ones charge fees.
That is why I bought you one year of service for a nice dating site that has a sizable following of sissy like yourself. I even created a profile for you, saying you're newly out of the closet, and taking your first little steps. I said you want a real man who will feminize you slow, take it easy, and help you have your first female experience so you can be who you really are.
The ID and password are over there on the table. You already have a dozen brawny guys who are interested in you, and sent you a flirt message! They all want to feminize you, and they all promised to make you fall in love with them before you even consider having sex.
I'm so proud of you admitting to your womanhood! Enjoy the dating site. I hope you meet some really nice man!"

Obidient Wife !!

"Now that you're being feminized, you'll be wearing dresses, pantyhose and heels from now on. Sure, the lingerie too. Look at your new breasts, you will need a bra constantly." said me my neighbor Steve.  
"Thank me for feminizing you. Thank me for sharing the gift of femininity to you. Tell me how you love to be a woman, how you love to be my obedient wife!

Monday, 24 July 2017

You are my Girlfriend now !!

What do you mean you think you made a mistake? There is no mistake about it. You are a woman now.
Really? You're not? Then why did you accept coming over here so easily? Why did you tell my friends that you are my girlfriend? You are wearing dress and pantyhose for crying out loud! You expect me to believe that you're a man?
I think you just need a little more help.Come here and lets make love so that you finally become a woman !!

Max is Melissa Now !!

I was posing for a picture like a real model in my new sexy outfit Steve had got me. He is the man that had changed me. Changed from Max into Melissa. I was looking at him the man that had awakened Melissa. The man that had made me feel things that I had never felt before. The man I had met  a year ago in a club. A year ago when I had worn only panties under man's pants. I had still been excited from the ride over to his house. The way he had made me suck him while he was driving. Looking up at him while trucker horns sounded. Now in his bedroom I was looking at him with his greying hair and muscular body. It just made me explode inside. I was going to make him feel as good as he made my feminine body. He deserved it, he did realty own my mind and I wanted to be his woman...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Turned into a housewife !!

I haven't always been Kevin's wife. I used to be his male co-worker, living nearby.   He used to collect me in his  car to go to work. Then one day he said he had downloaded some fun thing from the internet to play on his car stereo. He had said it probably wouldn't work. All I remember from that  time is  waking up  again when we  arrived at  our workplace with a strange taste in my mouth. After a few more rides to work I started dressing skirts, pantyhose, heels and wearing makeup.  It all felt just right to me. I also started getting feelings for Kevin that I couldn't explain. Two weeks   ago when I got to his house dressed in my new white  dress he gave me a list and a  kiss on my cheek and told me to get inside and work on his list like a good little housewife. I haven't  gone  to work since  then  and have  moved in with Kevin...

Not a Guy Anymore !!

You are not a guy more. Your transformation is complete. And you are a real girl now. " said me my cousin Alice. "As a girl you're going to need to start dressing up feminine! How are you going to attract a handsome man if you dress like that? I know you've been trying to hide it all this time, so I understand why you bought yourself bad outfits like you have on now. But since you're out of the closet (at least with us girls), it's time for you to start dressing like normal woman!
One cool thing about being woman is that you can wear just about anything! Why don't you come over to my place, and we can go through my closet to see if I can make an outfit or two for you. I think a little black dress for you. With 5 inch heels and black pantyhose sure.  I know that when you were a guy, you secretly wore pantyhose under pants. Things a straight man would be terrified to wear, but a woman wear with ease! I'll help put together a good look for you, so you can score when you go to the bar on Friday...."

I am a boy !!

As I look in the mirror I see a pretty girl. I know that the pretty girl is me. And I am that pretty girl
I know that I am a boy. I am a boy. I am sure I was a boy. But since I've been listening to some beautiful new age music CD's and I have to say that being a boy may have been just a dream.
My name is Ma... Marissa and I am visiting my Aunt Laura and she is the miracle worker who did my makeover. I can remember her saying that if I wanted to stay with her I would have to be her niece. But she also said that she would help me become the pretty niece she knew I was inside. Her voice is so sultry and hypnotic that she made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was willing to do anything she asked.
I look fantastic. I feel wonderful. I am feeling strangely complete. I love how this dress looks on me. I love these heels and pantyhose.
My Aunt Laura is right there was a pretty niece inside of me. And now I get to be her.
"Marissa, my dear." Aunt Laura called, "Don't forget to take your vitamin tablets. You know they are to help you become even more prettier..." "Yes Aunt Laura...!"
We're going to my Aunt's country club. I'm hoping Steve is there. He helped me when I slipped over once. And I think he's cute and very strong. My Aunt likes him too...

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Soft,Feminine and happy !!

I tried to warn you. I warned to repeatedly, Max. You knew the rules. Society rules. Men do not dream of softness, they don't get lost in fantasies of loveliness. They don't imagine themselves smooth and silky all over. These kinds of thoughts can only produce unhappiness. And you were unhappy, until the day that soft rain of golden dust enveloped you. And now look at you, Elena! Soft, feminine and happy. All I can say is.. I wish I had braved unhappiness.

Hypnotized and about to be Married !!

Hurry up and finish dressing Max, oh no, Melissa, we have a busy day for us in the big city today." said me my neighbor Mrs. Merx. "We've got to buy you a completely new wardrobe for your coming out party when we'll announce your engagement to my son. Ever since I found out that he's always wanted someone like you I've been looking for just the right boy for him. It's lucky you and your parents moved in next door to me and that  your parents were so easy to hypnotize. They even begged me to pay for your wedding. It's the least they could do as I paid for all of your feminization and beauty treatments. Hurry up dear, I can not wait when the new young Mrs. Merx enter into our house!"

Not going back

No I hear you and I don't care what you say. I am not going back, ever ever ever! No, I don't wear pants, I don't even own any, I only wear dresses or skirts. Yes, pantyhose or stockings. Listen Mom, you are going to have to just except that your son lives and dresses as a girl full time now. Besides Steve asked me to marry him and I said yes. I have been living with him as his fiancee for three months already and in this state we can legally marry. Yes, I am sleeping with him as woman. Damn it Mom, stop it, I am sitting here in a dress, pantyhose and heels and you just keep saying I should just go put on jeans and a mens shirt. Not going to happen! I'll call when we set a date, bye.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Feminization Progress

As my feminization progressed many of my former male interests started to go away. Others changed but stayed the same too. For instance, my buddies thought that when I become a girl I would no longer like to watch football. Well I still love it, for different reasons of course, the hot guys in tight pants and bulging muscles really are amazing to see. Oh, and I just love wearing a jersey with a mini skirt and pantyhose or no skirt at all to get a "rise" out of my old buddies. LOL.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Born to be a Feminine Girl

Pantyhose. Perhaps the ultimate feminine garment. I loved be a guy, yet from boyhood I was fascinated with them. Being a guy, I never put them on. That is, until the day a pair appeared mysteriously on my bed. I picked them up and they slithered deliciously through my hands. Although something in me screamed "No!", I felt compelled to roll it up my left foot. And my foot changed. "Oh God!" I said, with the mixture of awe and terror. Then, heart in mouth, I rolled it off. My foot remained a woman's foot. At this point I almost panicked, but a strange sweet calm inside me prevented me from losing it. And then, in utter disbelief, I pulled on the other foot and watched as my right foot became small and soft, with matching painted toes. "This can't be happening!" I said, trying hard as I could to stop, and horrified at how wonderful it felt to have such lovely little feet. I knew, I had to stop, but up went the pantyhose, smoothing my legs into womanly splendor. Up, up, they went towards..."No!" But those new sweet soft things wanted to lead somewhere equally lovely, not end abruptly at an alien organ. And they were leading me, fighting not to pull the pantyhose up over my crotch. But just as I was reversing direction I caught sight of the feminine splendor of my new legs, and the mules which had inexplicably appeared on my lovely new feet. Something soft and gently awoke in me, then, and in trance I pulled the pantyhose home. A wave of sweet comfort washed through me as my fingers lingered over my new eqipment, then a sudden sensation of great loss tore through me. It was gone! I kicked off the unwanted heels and was about to tear the pantyhose away, when the sight of my female lower half stopped the fight in me and I relaxed, lulled by the pretty sight. To my surprice my hands were now holding a pretty camisole and the soft small little voice inside me told me what I had to do. "I am a man," I whispered, not really believing it...
"Would a man wear such a pretty thing?" the voice answered. "And would it look and feel so lovely over hairy legs? Wouldn't it look pretty over your lovely legs?" In a dare I said "Yes", as all I could imagine was that lovely feeling. Thoughts of manhood lost, shame at becoming female, shame at loving it: all these thoughts were overwhelmed by the desire to feel satin on nylon on silky skin. How could I stop myself? With a sweet sence of resignation I stepped feet first into the waiting softness, and as my little feet emerged I saw to my horror and delight that the mules were now cute matching sandals. The sensation as the cami slid over my female legs caused me to arch my back and slide it home. As breasts grew and femininity won I went to a mirror, shyly looking up to see my pretty new face stained with tears of shame, tears of joy...

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Never A Man Enough

"No Max, stepmom did not lie to you. You pleaded with me to let you go back to being a man again. That's exactly what you said, sweetie. The simple truth is that I never considered for even a moment that you were ever either a man or a boy, or hell, even a male at all honey. You were always a femme little piece of fluff to me. So you see, you just can't ever go back to being something you never really were in my opinion, and in this house my opinion is final, understand sweetie? Your daddy left you to me and I did with you as I please for the last three years. So it's pantyhose, high heels, long tinted hair, mini skirts and dresses for you forever, Maxine girl. Don't you feel it yet honey? Don't you feel like the very pretty girl that you already are? You certainly can, can't you, sweetie? I've been stuffing you chock full of female hormones since you dear old daddy passed away. You're all mine now till I can marry you off to a real man who'll support us both anyway."

Proper Lady

"Oh would you stop being so fidgety, honey, and sit like a proper lady should, cross your ankles.  Is it unusual feel your legs in pantyhose? But I said you  the proper lady always must wear pantyhose.  Oh yes you are quite the lovely lady, honey. You were always way too pretty to be just a mere boy. Why don't you take a good long look at yourself right now? Blubbering just like the little girl that I've already turned you into by flooding you with all of those female hormones. I've been slipping them into your food for months. You've no hope of ever becoming a man as your little jewels' are quite shriveled up and dead by now, sweetie. Your only hope for a normal life is to become a lovely young lady, just like auntie wants you to be, and after those great big implants you're getting tomorrow you be halfway there. Oh there you go blubbering again. But remember, dear, there's more to being a woman than having great legs and tits, sweetie. When I have them remove your dead little berries I'll have them carve a luscious warm little slit to complete you. Oh there you go fainting on me again. I'll be glad when you are finished and married off to some big hung stud."

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Personal Secretary

Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to cheat you. I always loved to work in your company and l liked your leadership too. That's why I wanted to get a job again here. Before I was working as a Sales Manager in this company and you terminated me due to my bad work performance. After that I could not get any other job.That's why I came here for the interview to be your personal secretary dressed as a girl.
dont want to be a sales manager again. You somehow spotted that I am your old employee by looking my address in the application form. If you offer me the job I will surely do my job to my best level. Thanks Sir for acknowledging that I am sexy and appealing as a girl. I know what you might need from a sexy personal secretary. I am ready even now to get in bed with you as your girl, if you can offer me this job. I will be good secretary to you in office.Shall we get in to bed now to get my appointment order now.

Lucky Girl

When 18 year old Ryan's parents divorced they both went their separate ways and neither particularly wanted to take their son with them, so in the interim until he could get things sorted, Ryan took up the offer of his 50 year old
neighbour Roger that he could stay in Roger's little summer house.Ryan had always found Roger a little creepy, and as kids the local children had thought him a wizard, but Ryan was in no position to be choosy,so he put up with the curious glances from the older man, got used to the curious wallpaper inside the summer house which seemed to involve lots of ancient runic symbol scrawled on the wall, and even
drank the horrible tea Roger insisted on making him every evening.Then one day, after about two weeks, Ryan woke up and discovered he was now a girl. Oddly this strange turn of
events didn't seem surprising. He knew he should have been shocked, should have called the police, or for an ambulance,
but he did none of these things.Instead he dressed in the female clothes that had suddenly appeared in his closet and then he knocked on the door of the main house. "Oh hi, Roger. The strangest thing happened, I've totally turned into a girl. I know I should be hysterical but it feels normal so I figure I'll just go with it
Maybe you should call me Katie from now on though. Also I don't think a young woman should be sleeping out in the summer house, so I was wondering if l could move in with
you? It's weird but I seem to totally dig older men now and I find you super-hot. Can I be your girlfriend? I can? That's great! I sure am one lucky girl!'

Monday, 17 July 2017

Lab Accident

My wife is almost home, and I wish I knew how she would take the news of the lab accident. It wasn't my fault, really. Jacob was the one who dropped the vial of viral nanite resquencers. Before any of us knew what was happening, everyone in the lab was an identical copy of Yuki, our lab assistant. I wonder if my wife will be relieved to learn we were able to contain the nanite cloud, or upset that I'm now female, Asian, and young enough to be her daughter.

Impossible to be a Man again

So, Matt, I'm sure you realized by now that those weren't performance enhancing drugs I injected you with. Indeed, you're going to find it impossible to play on the men's basketball team ever again. You see, our schools rival has paid me a lot of money to make sure you missed the rest of the season. And to sweeten the deal, they allowed me to create my perfect girlfriend. I must say you look fantastic now and I can't wait to make you my wife.You will be stuck as Mia forever so maybe get used to it or not..I don't really care.

Troublesome Son to Gorgeous daughter

After Mrs Samantha Harker's husband skipped town, she was left to raise their son Paul alone. This did not prove easy given she also ran a small guesthouse but the two ofthem survived. As Paul grew older
however he became an increasingly troublesome boy. He was expelled from school and by the time he was 19 he'd had a few minor scrapes with the law and it seemed clear that the next time he was in
trouble he'd actually be arrested. Not that he seemed to care.
Luckily it was around this time that Mrs Harker met Don, a gruff disciplinarian in his fifties who moved in as her common-law husband. Don quickly took Paul in hand, and though his methods were a trifle strange, Mrs Harker quickly came to see they were effective.Each time Paul got out of line Don would manhandle him upstairs, undress him and force him to dress
in pretty petticoats and a bonnet that Don had purchased especially. So humiliated Paul would then be referred to as Paulette until Don and Mrs Harker judged he'd learned his lesson, at which point he would be allowed to return to being Paul.Over the weeks that followed however Mrs Harker noted that Paul seemed to be more troublesome even though as Paulette he was a joy, at first she thought this was rebellion, but Don suggested another reason and, after a tearful conversation, Paul admitted that he kept causing trouble because he liked being made to dress up as Paulette.
Mrs Harker and Don agreed that Paul could be Paulette whenever he wanted to be. Whthin a week he was pretty much living full tlme as Paulette, insisting on petticoats and a bonnet at all times. Pretty soon Mrs Harker noticed that Paulette seemed quite popular with many of the single male guests who frequented her guesthouse. She didn't mind. Paulette seemed to like the attentlon anyway.
After several months Mrs Harker also began to notice that Don was spending more and more time with Paulette, and she wasn't surprised when he told her that he would be spending some nights in Paulette's room. Again Mrs Harker didn't mind. Dan and Paulette seemed to have fun and frankly
she'd never liked the sex stuff anyway so she was grateful that Paulette was satisfying Don's needs. Her wayward son was now a compliant daughter, she no longer had to worry about the unwelcome advances of her common-law husband, and business was booming thanks to repeat visits by Paulette's ever growing army of fans. They might be a strange family, butthey were a very happy one!

Not a man anymore

Honey, I'm tired that you constantly remind me, you're a man!
Tell me my dear. You wear dresses. pantyhose and heels. Does that make you a man?
You do all of the housework.  Does that make you a man?
I fuck you and my cock goes inside you at least once every day, while yours is tiny and soft forever. Does that make you a man?
I control you now. Does that make you a man?
It is very clear. You are not a man anymore. And if you are not a man, you should  have the real large breasts and wide hips. Yes? Soon you will go to a special clinic where you get what you need as a woman. And then I will make you my legal wife! 

Best friend did this to me!!

I can't belive Steve did this to me. The person that I considered my best friend and I would do everything for him, forced me into becoming a woman. It was sunday evening. We were at his place watching football, when he took a strange remote. I asked him what is it, but he didn't say anything. Then he pointed it at me and my body started to change. When it was done he hid the remote and came closer to me. I wanted to scream at him but instead I found him very attractive. We kissed and ended up having the best sex in my life. That day I became Elena, his loving wife. That bastard messed with my mind. I was still myself but the thought of wearing male clothes made me nauseous, I knew I would have to wear dresses, skirts and pantyhose all of the time. And whenever I saw him I couldn't help but act like his wife. We cuddle and kiss very often, even if I don't want it, my body is reacting to the mental programing he did on me. I immediately get wet between the legs. Now i'm waiting for him to come back from work. I'm ovulating now and today my most fertile day.   I can't stop thinking about him and his cock inside my pussy, making me a mommy.