Friday, 21 July 2017

Feminization Progress

As my feminization progressed many of my former male interests started to go away. Others changed but stayed the same too. For instance, my buddies thought that when I become a girl I would no longer like to watch football. Well I still love it, for different reasons of course, the hot guys in tight pants and bulging muscles really are amazing to see. Oh, and I just love wearing a jersey with a mini skirt and pantyhose or no skirt at all to get a "rise" out of my old buddies. LOL.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Born to be a Feminine Girl

Pantyhose. Perhaps the ultimate feminine garment. I loved be a guy, yet from boyhood I was fascinated with them. Being a guy, I never put them on. That is, until the day a pair appeared mysteriously on my bed. I picked them up and they slithered deliciously through my hands. Although something in me screamed "No!", I felt compelled to roll it up my left foot. And my foot changed. "Oh God!" I said, with the mixture of awe and terror. Then, heart in mouth, I rolled it off. My foot remained a woman's foot. At this point I almost panicked, but a strange sweet calm inside me prevented me from losing it. And then, in utter disbelief, I pulled on the other foot and watched as my right foot became small and soft, with matching painted toes. "This can't be happening!" I said, trying hard as I could to stop, and horrified at how wonderful it felt to have such lovely little feet. I knew, I had to stop, but up went the pantyhose, smoothing my legs into womanly splendor. Up, up, they went towards..."No!" But those new sweet soft things wanted to lead somewhere equally lovely, not end abruptly at an alien organ. And they were leading me, fighting not to pull the pantyhose up over my crotch. But just as I was reversing direction I caught sight of the feminine splendor of my new legs, and the mules which had inexplicably appeared on my lovely new feet. Something soft and gently awoke in me, then, and in trance I pulled the pantyhose home. A wave of sweet comfort washed through me as my fingers lingered over my new eqipment, then a sudden sensation of great loss tore through me. It was gone! I kicked off the unwanted heels and was about to tear the pantyhose away, when the sight of my female lower half stopped the fight in me and I relaxed, lulled by the pretty sight. To my surprice my hands were now holding a pretty camisole and the soft small little voice inside me told me what I had to do. "I am a man," I whispered, not really believing it...
"Would a man wear such a pretty thing?" the voice answered. "And would it look and feel so lovely over hairy legs? Wouldn't it look pretty over your lovely legs?" In a dare I said "Yes", as all I could imagine was that lovely feeling. Thoughts of manhood lost, shame at becoming female, shame at loving it: all these thoughts were overwhelmed by the desire to feel satin on nylon on silky skin. How could I stop myself? With a sweet sence of resignation I stepped feet first into the waiting softness, and as my little feet emerged I saw to my horror and delight that the mules were now cute matching sandals. The sensation as the cami slid over my female legs caused me to arch my back and slide it home. As breasts grew and femininity won I went to a mirror, shyly looking up to see my pretty new face stained with tears of shame, tears of joy...

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Never A Man Enough

"No Max, stepmom did not lie to you. You pleaded with me to let you go back to being a man again. That's exactly what you said, sweetie. The simple truth is that I never considered for even a moment that you were ever either a man or a boy, or hell, even a male at all honey. You were always a femme little piece of fluff to me. So you see, you just can't ever go back to being something you never really were in my opinion, and in this house my opinion is final, understand sweetie? Your daddy left you to me and I did with you as I please for the last three years. So it's pantyhose, high heels, long tinted hair, mini skirts and dresses for you forever, Maxine girl. Don't you feel it yet honey? Don't you feel like the very pretty girl that you already are? You certainly can, can't you, sweetie? I've been stuffing you chock full of female hormones since you dear old daddy passed away. You're all mine now till I can marry you off to a real man who'll support us both anyway."

Proper Lady

"Oh would you stop being so fidgety, honey, and sit like a proper lady should, cross your ankles.  Is it unusual feel your legs in pantyhose? But I said you  the proper lady always must wear pantyhose.  Oh yes you are quite the lovely lady, honey. You were always way too pretty to be just a mere boy. Why don't you take a good long look at yourself right now? Blubbering just like the little girl that I've already turned you into by flooding you with all of those female hormones. I've been slipping them into your food for months. You've no hope of ever becoming a man as your little jewels' are quite shriveled up and dead by now, sweetie. Your only hope for a normal life is to become a lovely young lady, just like auntie wants you to be, and after those great big implants you're getting tomorrow you be halfway there. Oh there you go blubbering again. But remember, dear, there's more to being a woman than having great legs and tits, sweetie. When I have them remove your dead little berries I'll have them carve a luscious warm little slit to complete you. Oh there you go fainting on me again. I'll be glad when you are finished and married off to some big hung stud."

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Man turned into a beautiful Bride

So i have made a new video for you guys featuring some awesome artwork by flamekin2.
Special thanks to flamekin2 for allowing me to use these images.Check the video description
for more details on artwork.The title of the video is CHOSEN ONE and it features magic,forced feminization(minor) and more.I hope you all like it :)
Also subscribe to my youtube channel if you like this video.There are tons of videos on my channel which i am sure you will all enjoy .More videos will follow soon !!
Thank you soo much for watching :)

Personal Secretary

Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to cheat you. I always loved to work in your company and l liked your leadership too. That's why I wanted to get a job again here. Before I was working as a Sales Manager in this company and you terminated me due to my bad work performance. After that I could not get any other job.That's why I came here for the interview to be your personal secretary dressed as a girl.
dont want to be a sales manager again. You somehow spotted that I am your old employee by looking my address in the application form. If you offer me the job I will surely do my job to my best level. Thanks Sir for acknowledging that I am sexy and appealing as a girl. I know what you might need from a sexy personal secretary. I am ready even now to get in bed with you as your girl, if you can offer me this job. I will be good secretary to you in office.Shall we get in to bed now to get my appointment order now.

Lucky Girl

When 18 year old Ryan's parents divorced they both went their separate ways and neither particularly wanted to take their son with them, so in the interim until he could get things sorted, Ryan took up the offer of his 50 year old
neighbour Roger that he could stay in Roger's little summer house.Ryan had always found Roger a little creepy, and as kids the local children had thought him a wizard, but Ryan was in no position to be choosy,so he put up with the curious glances from the older man, got used to the curious wallpaper inside the summer house which seemed to involve lots of ancient runic symbol scrawled on the wall, and even
drank the horrible tea Roger insisted on making him every evening.Then one day, after about two weeks, Ryan woke up and discovered he was now a girl. Oddly this strange turn of
events didn't seem surprising. He knew he should have been shocked, should have called the police, or for an ambulance,
but he did none of these things.Instead he dressed in the female clothes that had suddenly appeared in his closet and then he knocked on the door of the main house. "Oh hi, Roger. The strangest thing happened, I've totally turned into a girl. I know I should be hysterical but it feels normal so I figure I'll just go with it
Maybe you should call me Katie from now on though. Also I don't think a young woman should be sleeping out in the summer house, so I was wondering if l could move in with
you? It's weird but I seem to totally dig older men now and I find you super-hot. Can I be your girlfriend? I can? That's great! I sure am one lucky girl!'

Feminization Progress

As my feminization progressed many of my former male interests started to go away. Others changed but stayed the same too. For instance, my ...