"Oh damn it." Owen said to himself. "What?"His wife asked from the body of a handsome athlete."You're beautiful."I'm also a girl!"He complained,looking at him, or rather her, self. "And a -teenager at that! This girl could be our daughter!" "Hey, look at it this way," Carol shrugged, trying not to get too excited about her own new body."We're young again,and we're both attractive.I see it as an opportunity." "An opportunity for what?" Owen asked, to which he got a malicious grin. Carol hoisted Owen over her shoulder, turned on by the power she had over him. And Owen, despite his protests, began to feel turned on by his helplessness and the feeling of Carol's strong arms holding him in place. The night was sure to bring new life to their marriage.

Oh god, not again." Andrew groaned. Andrew had had the power to shapeshifl ever since his eighteenth birthday, just like the rest of his family, but only used it on occasion despite his family being obssessed with using their own powers. However, since his powers had only just developed, he had trouble controlling them sometimes, most onen when he was asleep. And especially when he was horny. So, after a particularly vivid dream involving his crush Kaitlyn, Andrew woke up to Kaitlyn's glorious boobs that, from this close, were literally only in his dreams. And in the cases where he woke up shifted, he always had a tough time shifting back, usually taking all day. Today would be no different.

Exchange Island.

Ben and his family had just arrived on Exchange Island, much to his dismay. He didn't want to go on vacation, let alone to some eccentric resort. He just wanted to sit in his room and play video games all summer. To make things even worse, his parents had failed to inform him about the details of Exchange Island. So when he suddenly found himself in a new body lying by the pool he was even unhappier. His father and mother had swapped with an attractive young couple that were lounging on the beach, and his sister was now in the body of a model. Ben, however, swapped bodies with an attractive, well-
endowed woman, the only one of his family to swap genders. And not only did he now have enormous breasts, he was also several years older. Ben immediatly went to his family's room and lied down on the bed, hating being in public in his body's skimpy bikini. He just wanted the week to be over as soon as possible. That is, until he figured out that this woman's large breasts were also quite sensitive, and that there were plenty of former men looking for a good time around the resort.

Alice in Wonderland

Rachel shook her head as she watched her feminised boyfriend - she couldn't believe how quickly things had gotten out of hand ! It had all started the previous night, which Rachel spent worrying about her beautician's appointment the next day. Winter was finally ending and, in preparation for Spring, she had booked the works. This included a full body wax which despite being a necessity for her spring outfits she really dreaded having done. At this point her boyfriend had chimed in, claiming that waxing 'couldn't be that bad' and that she should stop complaining. Annoyed by this, she'd suggested that he should come along too if he thought it was so easy, and at the time she'd found it funny when he quickly agreed. Although come to think of it... it couldn't be that he'd goaded her on purpose, could it? On the day of the appointment things got weirder. Alex showed no sign of backing out - even when he'd been screaming in pain he had refused to stop until every last hair was removed. As Rachel moved on to having her hair styled she had sarcastically asked if he wanted to have that done too, only to have him join her in the neighbouring seat! Drunk with power, she ended up having him share all her treatments, and even had the stylists put a large flower in his hair. By the time they were done, Alex looked every part the girl except for the clothes he was wearing and seemed to be squirming with embarrassment just as she'd hoped. On arriving home Alex had run straight upstairs, and Rachel was shocked to find he had changed into one of her favourite spring dresses. "Oh, they made me so pretty!" he
giggled. "Say, I don t suppose you have any heels to go with this?" Rachel didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she went to her closet to retrieve some shoes. There was no doubt about it: spring was in... and it seemed 'Alice' was in for the season too!

Freedom !!

Today was Michael's first day of independence after two years in the institution. He'd spent much of the first year fighting against the conditioning, but once his stay was extended he realised it was getting him nowhere. It had taken him another full year of compliance and pandering to their demands but now he was finally free. He arrived home on a sunny day in spring and he couldn't wait to finally wear male clothes again. Barely having gotten through the door, he threw off his flats and ran upstairs to his bedroom. When he got there, though, he caught himself in front of the mirror smoothing out his skirt and turning toget a better look. 'Too long... ' he thought, as he threw off his skirt and blouse and scattered them over the floor in rebellion of his training. A moment later, though, he had picked them up and neatly folded them, still wearing his pink lingerie. 'Jeez, snap out of it!' Slightly panicked, Mike stripped and went to his drawer ready to put on his first pair of boxers in two years. As he lifted his foot to put them on, though, he hesitated and looked over at the suitcase he'd brought back from the institute. Who'd want to wear grey on a lovely spring afternoon? After a bit of rummaging he'd thrown on some brighter underwear and was belting up a pretty floral dress that was perfect for the weather. 'God, I need some air, what the hell have they done to me?' He stepped outside (but not before putting on some cute red heels) and made his way to a cafe over the road. He put his clutch bag down on the counter and tried to think. 'It's ok, it's just going to take time to break the conditioning' he thought, as he carefully touched up his lipstick. 'Hm, now I think of it, this dress is a bit on the summery side for spring, isn't it? Maybe he should change... or better yet, go shopping!' And with that, Michelle left the cafe, ready to stock up on some new spring outfits. 'Those ugly male clothes will simply have to go... ' she decided, as she thought of all the wonderful clothes she'd be buying. 'There's no point fighting it... I'm a woman now! '