Thursday, 19 October 2017

Feminization of a Writer !!

My sudden transformation into a woman obviously took me by surprise. But whereas most people would spend their days in absolute panic, I realised it for the opportunity that it was. You see, I am a writer by trade and I have high aspirations for what I mean to accomplish with my career. This mysterious outbreak of feminizing chemicals could be the very thing that leads me to being recognised. There are many reports of these incidents happening around the country, but as one of the victims I could provide personal insight. This has the possibility of being a revolutionary work. could get a Pulitzer! Granted, I haven't had much experience of living as a woman yet. I hadn't even had the time to purchase a new wardrobe. In fact, I don't think I've done much else than masturbating.
But, then again, there are many books about female sexuality out there, so it makes sense for me to be candid about those things. I took a sip from my cup of tea as I start thinking about the appropriate introduction should make it a fictionalised account, then I won’t have to bother with getting the facts completely accurate. He kissed her and she responded by placing her arms around his shoulders... That's far too romantic. I want my book to have an edge to it.He grabbed her bottom with his two strong hands and pulled her up from the floor. She felt so weak and frail in comparison to his heroic physique. She pulled himself towards him and whispered in his ear, she said... It still feels too tame. It shouldn't be pornographic, but real serious writers never shy away from explicit or sexual topics.Maybe I should experience love making with a guy to understand how it really feels and that will maybe get me a Pulitzer !!